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  1. GTA FUTURE GAMING- IMO I would like to see a Vice City redux, and have a facelift to Fla, as happened to the GTA5 version of Los Santos....but better yet -It would be ultimately cool to see a futuristic version of GTA series, not like the new Saints Row 4...NO No No, I want to see a off the planet version of GTA with different deep space locales as well as all of which goes into that storyline (ie: different: space vehicles, suits, planets, aliens, etc...basically GTA in Space....Imagine the endless possibilities....sure R* could go to a foreign piece of real estate....but for my money what else is there but Space for the geniuses at Rockstar to pursue diligently for their next project....whaddya all think of that proposal...it would be the poo....lol 9/17/13 cant come soon enough, thank you R* for making christmas day sooo second rate....peace