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  1. i think they should allow you to open the boot of a car on GTA V so you can put all yuour stuff in. Other people did it on GTA 4. Also they should allow you to have your own car keys so you can lock it so car jackers dont steal your car because i heard lots of people annoyed when there best car gets stolen on gta and i think that they should allow it so you can park your car anywhere instead of a yellow dotted place and they should also allow it so you can indicate so other drivers know where you are going and that happen on gta 4. also they should allow it so you can get petrol because whats the point of putting a gas station when they dont go to it and cars run on gas. and another thing they should do is if your car breaks down on the game they should have a number for the repair men on the game and if not the player should fix it by opening the hood. when i said about they should allow it to park your car anywhere means that when you save the game it is still where you last parked it. and can they make it more compatable for a xbox360 or a ps3 steering wheel so when you press the accelerator pedal then it accelerates instead of the turret control annd can brake pedal be brake/revearse and can you make the controls on xbox360 like this a to accelerate , x to brake , y to enter/get out of the vehicle and b to revearse and the rs to change the gear on the vehicle.
  2. the 2nd of what i could not see the month as the poster was in the way