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  1. I don't wanna jump out a helicopter and roll through the air and splat on the ground cause some fucking glitch is not lettin me put on my parachute!!!
  2. And i want a boathouse that i can save a boat or two in. Or the yacht from gay tony that you stole the buzzard off of. It would be sweet to be able to drive that thing! Take a girl out on it on a date. No way she could keep her pants on then.
  3. I agree with the clothes. I think they should have a military base where you can do missions like in III, and the more you progress with those missions you unlock military shit like, patriot, rhino, hunter, and maybe some weapons.
  4. I want to be able to buy a top hat and cane-gun. Also the bicycle needs to come back. And i like the motorcycle controls from SA and Vice City better than IV. It seemed so much easier to maneuver bikes in the earlier games. Buying property is something i miss. I like how on VC there were several missions that went along with buying a certain property. I think it would be cool to be able to meet girls on the street and date them. Not just ones the game picks for us.
  5. If they were so worried about offending people with possibility of simulating 9/11, then they would not have let you kill pedestrians because of all the people in NY who's relatives have been murdered. They probably rushed GTA IV and just didnt have time to figure out all the programming on the new engine.
  6. Oh i see that he is dead now. I would be happy with Tommy and CJ.
  7. Yes I agree! The drug wars in TBoGT were pretty good. In San Andreas i always had fun loading up a few homies in a Maverick and fly way out to that one gang territory where the boating school was. Also im thinkin it would be cool if that black guy runnin from the cops in the trailer is 8 Ball. The bomb expert from III.
  8. Lance Vance taught us to trust no one lol. I was also thinking maybe a ranking system for online play would be cool. Such as on CoD, but not that many levels. Maybe you start out as foot soldier, move up to bounty hunter, hitman and so on. Leveling up would maybe improve your weapon skill like on San Andreas, driving skill etc.
  9. You'll notice when i first brought up said maps, i said "they look legit to me". Never said they were 100% confirmed by R* etched in stone and placed in a time capsul. I'm well aware that there is fake stuff out there. This whole topic is fictional wishful thinking. Nobody ever said anything was for certain.
  10. Ok guys, it would be cool if there were a small island in V that had an airstrip and a mansion that you could acquire at some point in the game. Better??
  11. There aren't any "leaked" screenshots, we only have images from the trailer to go by. Any other source of information at this point is factitious. I meant the leaked maps. There are two pics of a Los Santos map and one of what looks like the GTA V lead character. Here they are...
  12. I was just thinking, maybe the add-ons for V will include the other cities in San Andreas. I know Gay Tony changed Liberty just a bit; like the ability to climb Rotterdam Tower. Wouldn't that be cool? And i see on the leaked screenshots, that look legit to me, that there is an island on the southwest side(whoop whoop) that has what looks like landing strips on it. Maybe there's a mansion on that islad that you acquire at some point. I'm hella excited for this game!
  13. Car customizing, more clothes than IV, better police realism there's no way a city would have 45 police cars popping up all over the place, better online play I can't find anyone online on IV anymore, bring back gangs from San Andreas, i wanna be able to get in that blimp that i see on the trailer lol. I can't wait for a release date and screenshots and videos!