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  1. Grand Theft Auto: VICE My take on GTA V and my thoughts on the next GTA. Naming Now the next GTA is being called GTA 5 by fans everywhere, that name is where you are wrong. The Grand Theft Auto series has 4 eras. The GTA Era -GTA -GTA London 1969 -GTA London 1961 The Second GTA Era -GTA 2 The Third GTA Era -GTA III -GTA VIce City -GTA San Andreas -GTA Liberty City Stories -GTA Vice City Stories The Fourth(Current) GTA Era -GTA IV -GTA The Lost and the Damned -GTA The Ballad of Gay Tony -GTA Chinatown Stories -(Unconfirmed) GTA V Now here is where you are wrong. Each GTA Era starts with a number. GTA IV is the start of the fourth era. I really doubt that they will move to GTA V(The 5th GTA Era) this quickly. My Theory GTA IV is supposed to be the reboot of the Third GTA Era, since it is not the same timeline as in GTA Era 3. Now he next GTA game will most likely, in my opinion, be set in San Andreas, or possibly a new city, such as Hawaii. I truly believe the next game will be set in Vice City and the game after that in San Andreas, as according to the GTA 3 Era. I could be wrong though. There is the possibility of Chinatown stories being moved to the consoles like with the Stories series. Now my theory is it will be moved to Vice City. I think this could really be a good thing, since with Liberty City they expanded the city with more islands and this could be the same with Vice City and they could make it more, current Miami like and there is also the MotionScan as well as the addition of more choices like in the end of GTA IV. There are also fanmade screenshots on about Vice City. It looks very well done and it could be seen as a real game sometime in the future. Denial of Hawaii In the homepage there were screenshotsof GTA 5 in Hawaii. It looks more like an edited version of GTA IV and a fanmade title screen of GTA V. I also don't see the point of a Hawaii when VIce City is alot like Hawaii in appearance, but more like Miami in cars, clubs, etc... You all may reply to this as you see fit, hate it or like it, will not make a difference to me.