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  1. Read it all, decided im gunna skip the game until its hits like £12-£15. its not a GTA any more by the looks of things
  2. its show that the store the rob is called Anna Rex... rockstars humor once again ? not much but its something new
  3. GtaIv had a big thing about terrorists and immigrants, yet it was legal to walkround with a rpg in the middle of NewYork. I would like guns to be hidden or you get a wanted level if you get seen with them Hate the fact that a 2 star wanted level makes cops draw guns, would be better if they ran after you quicker and called for back up and dont know if it was a glitch, but when i pulled over for the cops in IV the cops didnt seem to get out of their car to get me out of mine ?
  4. ide like to be able to shoot someone in the leg or arm, and them NOT die...... sure, die a couple minutes later because you've hit an arterie... but not drop dead instantly also would like a 2 stroke sound for the sanchez and it raised on the rear( as it looks like an 80's scrambler atm) and maybe a off road version and on road version.. offroad=no lights, nobblies tyres and no horn. onroad=lights, horn and road tyres oooh and what motorbike do you know that has a radio.... thats right not many. and a quad... ill take a few breaths now (sorry for double post) someone else mentioned climbing, ide also like it to be looked at. i dont mean to a parkour level... just climbing fences alot faster would be nice, it would make foot chases more fun and more of a popular choice(instead of taking 5 seconds to get in a car whilst getting shot by 9 cops...)
  5. looks like hes coming from the front off the truck though? passenger side also. Guess we'll just wait and see
  6. Everyone says hes trying to steal that car from the back of the truck.. but my theory is hes being chased by cops(would explain the cop car behind him?) and is about to unhitch a car, causing the cops to pile up. also i see the infernus, sanchez and parachute are very alike. p.s This is my first post so hello lol