First GTA V Gameplay Video Out Now

Posted by OptimumPx July 09, 2013 : 74 Comments : 24,857 Views

As promised yesterday, Rockstar has released the first official GTA V gameplay video! Check it out!
We've also got 143 Screencaps from the trailer now available for your viewing pleasure!

Comments (74)

  • Random guy (Guest) August 08, 2013
    I'm gonna grab the guns from the collectors Game gonna get that smiley face tattoo then I'm gonna tare apart Los santos and kill mikes wife she sucks also that ed toe I think sounds like Eddie lo
  • RobbieTebbuttgta5 (Guest) August 06, 2013
    Did I hear right you said you can operate the trains? Oh and it would be awesome to be able to fly the jumbo jets like the ones you see in gta 4 in the airport that go around in circles :)
  • biggiesmallsisback (Guest) August 04, 2013
    When I get it i'm going to change people a lot and shoot all kinds of people I CANT WAIT TILL IT COMES OUT. this one guy said he has it. It aint even out yet.
  • RequiemforaDPRO (Guest) July 27, 2013
    @TreeFitty can I be an admin. Lol everything you said made me smile. I'm tired of half of what people have to say about the game because its stupid and it is all the same shit. I feel like there are only a handful of people that are truly dedicated fans that are truly into this game and truly want the best for the game instead of a hundred comments on cheat codes and stupid shit like that. Add Mr T Vercetti on XbL if anyone wants to game
  • Faraz (Guest) July 18, 2013
    Is it only I who saw the middle finger pointer while buying the apartment on the internet.
  • Nervous Ron (Guest) July 16, 2013
    i dont know about you guys but as soon as GTA V installs on my ps3 im going straight to that medical marijuana shop
  • AC/DC Fan (Guest) July 14, 2013
    Seeing my name (AC/DC Fan) then im sure you would know what i want on the Rock N Roll radio Stations :)
  • AC/DC Fan (Guest) July 14, 2013
    I agree with TreeFitty. this site is only for fun and people who like to talk about GTA. i like this website. this is the only site i come to for news. and i have never been let down by this site at all. Thank you TreeFitty and the team for the site.
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