European Previews Breakdown

Posted by JamieMilne November 12, 2012 : 15 Comments : 18,393 Views

Earlier today magazines and websites all over Europe released their own previews for the upcoming 'Grand Theft Auto V'.
We have all the new screenshot's right here!

List that will be updated:

Here's a quick summary of what we found out about the game from today's previews.
  • Single player and multiplayer are being developed by separate teams.
  • For the first time ever - full game map open from the start.
  • The 'switch menu' is a radial menu similar to 'Red Dead Redemption's' weapon wheel.
  • A fully functional wildlife ecosystem, including Coyotes.
  • The story will revolve around six heists.
  • Use the phone to call up the other protagonists to hang out with.
  • 'Radar Love' by 'Golden Earring' - in game music, on radio.
  • Each of the protagonists will have their own separate money pool.
  • Cover mechanics have been greatly improved and cover will be very important in the gameplay.
  • Alamo Sea is the name of the Salton Sea like area.
  • Franklin is employed by Armenian gangsters
  • First time ever, scored soundtrack during missions. Radio as always while off mission.
  • Farmlands, deserts and villages.
  • More flying focused missions.
  • The city of Los Santos is 4-5 times bigger than Liberty City.
  • GTA V is 5 times larger than Red Dead Redemption.

Official HD images added January 4, 2013

Stay tuned to for all the latest news on GTA V. Leave a comment on what you think of them or join us in our forum's to discuss these fantastic new screenshots! >>> European Previews Discussion <<< Enjoy!

Comments (15)

  • muhammad asim (Guest) November 24, 2012
    gta is my best game. i love this game.i can,t wait.
  • Gamer_085 (Guest) November 14, 2012
    In the franklin sports car it looks like a police van in the backround on the right of the cop car
  • jeremiah (Guest) November 13, 2012
    All screenshots look amazing....though my favourite is the train and parachute screenshot...

    Trains confirmed...

    New Zealand
  • iBeNiko (Guest) November 13, 2012
    March sounds like a very plausible release date. it is in spring, and by the looks of things the rate at which info is flooding in makes me believe that the game is damn near done, if not completely done, and March or early April release is very likely.
  • TreeFitty (Guest) November 13, 2012
    Sorry for the website downtime again. Server has been on the fritz this past month. Recent traffic surge didn't help.
  • DreanSBP (Guest) November 12, 2012
    It said on Metacritic that the release date is 31 March.
  • AC/DC Fan (Guest) November 12, 2012
    I wonder if you'll be able to sit on benches like you could in LA Noire.
  • jim (Guest) November 12, 2012
    Did anyone notice how in the guardian article they said "Many will be talking about little else for the next three months" Maybe a March release date??
  • BigDannyK (Guest) November 12, 2012
    Niiiiice!!!!! Can't wait to see Trailer #2
  • mike (Guest) November 12, 2012
    i love gta
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