GTA 5 Weapons

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There's only one way to show force in the GTA realm: weapons. And the more powerful your weapon the better. So what kind of weapons will we get our hands on in Grand Theft Auto 5? Let's take a look... iGTA5





Hammer - SE/CE

Baseball Bat


Golf Clubs
Golf Club

Broken Bottle
Broken Bottle - Beach Bum Update

Antique Cavalry Dagger
Antique Cavalry Dagger - I'm Not a Hipster Update

Hatchet - PC/PS4/Xb1 returning players

Knuckledusters - Ill-Gotten Gains 2

Machete - Lowriders update

Flashlight - Halloween Surprise
Switchblade - Executives & Criminals

Hand Guns

Pistol (Taurus PT92)
Attachments: Extended Clip, Flashlight, Suppressor

Combat Pistol (HK P2000)
Attachments: Extended Clip, Flashlight, Suppressor

AP Pistol
AP Pistol (HK Mark 23 or USP, OTs-33 Pernach)
Attachments: Extended Clip, Flashlight, Suppressor

Pistol .50
Pistol .50 (Desert Eagle) - SE/CE
Attachments: Extended Clip, Flashlight, Suppressor

SNS Pistol
SNS Pistol (AMT Backup) - Beach Bum Update
Attachments: Extended Clip

Stun Gun
Stun Gun (Taser)
Attachments: None

Heavy Pistol
Heavy Pistol (FN FNP, Colt 1911) - Business Update
Attachments: Extended Clip, Flashlight, Suppressor

Vintage Pistol
Vintage Pistol (FN 1922) - I'm Not a Hipster Update
Attachments: Extended Clip, Suppressor

Flare Gun
Flare Gun (Orion) - GTAO Heists (GTAO only)
Attachments: None

Marksman Pistol
Marksman Pistol (T-C Contender) - Ill-Gotten Gains 2
Attachments: None

Heavy Revolver
Heavy Revolver (Colt Anaconda) - Executives & Criminals
Attachments: None


Sawed-Off Shotgun
Sawed-Off Shotgun (Ithaca 37 "Stakeout")
Attachments: None

Pump Shotgun
Pump Shotgun (M590A1)
Attachments: Flashlight, Supressor

Assault Shotgun
Assault Shotgun (UTAS UTS-15)
Attachments: Extended Clip, Flashlight, Grip, Supressor

Bullpup Shotgun
Bullpup Shotgun (Kel-Tec KSG) - SE/CE
Attachments: Flashlight, Grip, Suppressor

Musket (Brown Bess) - Independence Day Special
Attachments: None

Heavy Shotgun
Heavy Shotgun (Saiga-12) - Last Team Standing Update
Attachments: Extended Clip, Flashlight, Grip, Supressor

(Image Soon)

Double Barrel Shotgun (Lupara) - Lowriders Classics (GTAO only)
Attachments: None

Machine Guns

Micro SMG (IMI Uzi)
Attachments: Extended Clip, Flashlight, Suppressor, Scope

Attachments: Extended Clip, Flashlight, Suppressor, Scope

Assault SMG
Assault SMG (FN P90, Magpul PDR) - Social Club
Attachments: Extended Clip, Flashlight, Suppressor, Scope

Attachments: Extended Clip, Scope

Combat MG
Combat MG (M249)
Attachments: Extended Clip, Grip, Scope

Gusenberg Sweeper
Gusenberg Sweeper (Thompson) - Valentine's Day
Attachments: Extended Clip

Combat PDW
Combat PDW (SIG Sauer MPX) - Ill-Gotten Gains 1
Attachments: Extended Clip, Grip, Scope
Machine Pistol
Machine Pistol (TEC-9) - Lowriders update
Attachments: Extended Clip, Supressor


Assault Rifle
Assault Rifle (Type 56-2)
Attachments: Extended Clip, Flashlight, Grip, Supressor, Scope

Carbine Rifle
Carbine Rifle (HK416, LR-300)
Attachments: Extended Clip, Flashlight, Grip, Supressor, Scope

Advanced Rifle
Advanced Rifle (Tar-21, L22A1)
Attachments: Extended Clip, Flashlight, Supressor, Scope

Bullpup Rifle
Bullpup Rifle (QBZ-95) - High Life Update
Attachments: Extended Clip, Flashlight, Grip, Supressor, Scope

Special Carbine
Special Carbine (HK G36C) - Business Update
Attachments: Extended Clip, Flashlight, Grip, Supressor, Scope
(Image Soon)

Compact Rifle (AKS-74U) - Lowriders Classics (GTAO only)
Attachments: Extended Clip

Heavy Weapons

Grenade Launcher (Milkor MGL)
Attachments: Flashlight, Scope, Grip

Attachments: None

Minigun (M134 Minigun)
Attachments: None

Firework Launcher
Firework Launcher - Independence Day Special
Attachments: None

Homing Launcher
Homing Launcher - Festive Surprise
Attachments: None
Rail Gun
Rail Gun - PC/PS4/XB1 returning players
Attachments: None


Sniper Rifle (Accuracy Intl. AWM)
Attachments: Advanced Scope, Supressor

Heavy Sniper
Heavy Sniper (Barrett M82)
Attachments: Advanced Scope

Marksman Rifle
Marksman Rifle (M39 EMR) - Last Team Standing Update
Attachments: Extended Clip, Flashlight, Grip, Supressor, Scope

Thrown Weapons

Grenade (M26A1)

Sticky Bombs
Sticky Bomb (C4)

Tear Gas
Tear Gas (M6 or M7)

Molotov Cocktail
Molotov Cocktail (your bottle choice here)

Proximity Mine
Proximity Mine - Festive Surprise

Target Designator
Target Designator - GTA Online only

Thermite Bomb
Thermite Bomb - GTAO Heists (mission only)
Snowball - GTAO snow days only


Jerry Can
Jerry Can (stored with thrown weapons)

Parachute (equipped when needed)

Vehicles with weapons
Vehicles with weapons
Binoculars (mission only)

Other Equipment

SCUBA Equipment
SCUBA Equipment

Rappelling Equipment
Rappelling Equipment (mission only)

Full body armor (mission only)

Gas Masks
Bandanas, Gas Masks, and other masks


Many weapons have some customization options such as the attachments listed above but you can also get color tints for some too. Note attachments have benefits such as grips increasing accuracy.

Weapon Customization


Grand Theft Auto 5 features the weapon wheel used in Red Dead Redemption and Max Payne 3. Weapons are split into classes such as pistols, rifles, thrown, etc. When selecting a weapon, the accessories show in the middle of the wheel so you know if a gun has a supressor or extended clip. You can carry multiple weapons of the same class. Unlike Niko tossing away empty guns in GTA IV, you won't lose your guns in Grand Theft Auto V. This will help save you plenty of money at gun shops. iGTA5

GTA 5 Weapon Wheel

Getting Weapons

Grand Theft Auto IV removed the infamous Ammu-Nation gun stores due to a crackdown in Liberty City but Ammu-Nation makes its return in Grand Theft Auto V. iGTA5

GTA 5 Ammu-Nation

As for obtaining weapons off of fallen enemies or back alleys, GTA IV introduced weapons lying on the ground in a more realistic fashion but in order to make them visible to players they had a red-orange glow. In Red Dead Redemption, weapons had a bright white shine to catch your attention. In GTA V the weapons are on the ground and flash white to get your attention.

Animals as weapons

Dogs can assist in taking down enemies or on the other side keep you out of certain areas. Chop can be controlled to some extent by Franklin (using the real-life GTA V app) and help distract enemies.

GTA 5 Franklin and Chop

Look for more weapons to be added in future DLC!

Comments (589)

  • G-J GAMES (Guest) July 25, 2016
    They should add flame thrower/chainsaw/medic kit/repair tool and a huge destruction hamer
  • king bob (Guest) July 09, 2016
    they need to add a raygun
  • I AM A MUTT (Guest) April 30, 2016
    This is a cool list.
  • Cole Whitehead (Guest) April 10, 2016
    What we need is a Reaper Drone.
  • Adamsandlerisawful (Guest) March 24, 2016
    I would absolutely love a wild west themed gun update, with a couple of different revolvers, a high power low fire rate lever action rifle, ect, ect.
  • john (Guest) February 28, 2016
    m60 and a chainsaw need to be added
  • IdeaMan (Guest) February 24, 2016
    Here are my weapon ideas...
    Pistol - Glock 17 Gen 4
    AP Pistol - VBR Belgium PDW
    Combat Pistol - FN Five-seven
    Revolver - Smith & Wesson 629
    Heavy Revolver - Smith & Wesson 500
    Underwater Pistol - Heckler & Koch P11
    Taser Shotgun - Taser X-12 (works like a taser but with longer range)
    Assault SMG - Kriss Vector
    Heavy MG - M60(Vietnam)
    Underwater Rifle - APS underwater rifle (shoots in fully automatic instead of semi like the pistol)
    Carbine Rifle - Colt M16A4 MWS

    also add in standard smoke grenades and stun grenades.

    have an update that includes WW2 and maybe WW1 weapons and vehicles like the Nambu Type 14, M1918 BAR, MP40, BREN LMG, Luger P08, M1 Garand, Mauser C96, and Willys MB just to name a few.

    have another update based around prototype weapons and vehicles and modern weapons and vehicles that look futuristic...a good vehicle to throw in would be the Devel Sixteen.

    Rockstar already has an idea started for GTA 6 and it looks like the setting will be Vice City or a place that looks a lot like it and it also looks like the main character is supposed to be a female....not sure if that'll stick though.
  • Robert (Guest) February 13, 2016
    M1 garand m1 carabine m16 m14 m14 socom
    Ak 74 m60 bow coltello knife pocket knife ppk pistol
    Usp pistol auto mag automag v galil sar famas f1 vz. 58
    Fr f2
  • Dillon (Guest) December 10, 2015
    LAPD use Glocks..mostly Glock 17s in 9mm now I believe...should really add that to the game like GTA4....cuz yea Copa don't use a frickin Taurus PT92 lol
  • Your mom (Guest) October 18, 2015
    The TEC 9 is coming
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