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GTA 5 Story

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After the announcement on October 26th of newest upcoming Grand Theft Auto game speculation on the storyline became rampant. Grand Theft Auto games are known for their excellent stories, and of course Grand Theft Auto V will be no different. But what do we know so far? iGTA5

Los Santos: Land of Dreams

According to Rockstar's press release Grand Theft Auto V "focuses on the pursuit of the almighty dollar" in a new modern version of Los Santos. Now on the surface that seems to both say a lot and nothing at all, but let's think about the location for a second, and of course GTA games in general. iGTA5
Grand Theft Auto V Logo

Instead of following one story, Grand Theft Auto V will follow three different protagonists with each having their own story that intersects with the others at some points. To summarize their lives:
  • Michael: Ex-bank robber living lavishly in witness protection with his family.
  • Trevor: Trailer trash with a bad and spontaneous attitude.
  • Franklin: Young gun taking his career path to a new level.

Working for Organized Crime

It's basically a time-honored tradition to work for organized crime in Grand Theft Auto games. Doesn't really matter if we're talking normal Mafia or Triads it's lucrative and fun! iGTA5

Working for Organized Crime

Living the Vinewood Dream

With GTA V having a much stronger focus on the city of Los Santos and not spread out over an entire state the distinct possibility of playing missions revolving around the movie industry greatly increases. Similar to the InterGlobal mission line in Vice City, but on a much larger scale. iGTA5

Living the Vinewood Dream

Heist Missions

Nothing makes money quite like a major heist, and GTA is known for its elaborate heist mission lines. From the bank robberies of Vice City and IV to the great casino job of San Andreas there's money to be made every which way! Heists of all sizes will happen throughout Grand Theft Auto 5. We might even be able to do them outside of regular missions! iGTA5

Heist Missions

Can you think of any other ways you'll likely be pursuing the 'almighty dollar'? Tell us about it in the comments, or on our forums!

Comments (404)

  • ashwin (Guest) September 14, 2013
    i am waiting
  • sanu911 (Member) September 14, 2013
    I have pre-ordered my Copy ( Xbox 360 version ) , And I also buying new Xbox 360 ( Just to play the game ).Hope both my Copy of the Game & Console Reaches me on the same date ( 18th September )....................................
  • Umair prince (Guest) September 10, 2013
    i cant wait for gta v and only for gta v i have bought core i 7 extreme....... this is the best game in history .... :)
  • anonu (Guest) September 10, 2013
    i wonder if we can communicate with the civilians and start using them to help us gain info on different jobs or other criminal activities going on around the area or hang out with ect. also i hope there is bmx and mountain bikes also i think i remember in gta 3 vice city that the news crew choppers would follow you if u had max wanted lvl for way to long resulting in u being on the news i relly dont remember lol might of been a different game but if it was in gta they should re add it
  • TreeFitty (Site Admin) September 09, 2013
    You start as Michael.
  • kd (Guest) September 09, 2013
    I don't think Ima like the switching between characters and if you can't switch between characters in the beginning then who do you play as
  • J (Guest) September 06, 2013
    There is an unholy amount of illiteracy in these comments.
  • lose canon (Guest) September 06, 2013
    I should change my tv befor it's releases
  • Darkness (Guest) September 02, 2013
    I think franklin and Trevor can sell drugs on the streets to earn some extra cash if so that would be cool
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