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New GTA V Fake Screenshots by DuPz0r

Posted by TreeFitty April 08, 2011 : 6 Comments : 29,242 Views

iGTA5.com member DuPz0r has provided some really cool looking fake screenshots of a new Vice City for GTA V. Don't forget if you have any fan artwork, including box arts, maps or fake screenshots, make sure you submit them to us by email at submit[at]iGTA5.com and we'll occasionally post the best ones on the website for the world to see!

GTA 5 Vice City

GTA 5 Vice City

GTA 5 Vice City

And while I'm here, here's another:

GTA 5 Vice City

Let us know what you think in the comments below! You can also see and discuss them in the GTA V forum topic What a new Vice City would look like. If you missed the "leaked" Los Santos post, check out "What a new Los Santos would look like". We may have a growing series on our hands so look for more "What a new _____ would look like" topics soon or sign up and create those topics with your own pics to show off!

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