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Hello, people of Psy's boards!

I just stumbled home from work and realised all the bars were closed and I had missed my friend's 25th birthday party, and so I went on Facebook to apologise - and for some reason his profile picture was of a can of mello yello.

So, unable to sleep because my veins are pumping with 200ccs of hospital coffee (and believe me, the NHS budget does not stretch beyond instant) I googled my screen name and this site came up. I trawled a little and there was so much stuff: emails between me and Jack Thompson, Teamo Extr-EMO, the spamm teem, Bridge the Gap, our interminable war with I remembered the days when FML stood for favourite member league, and when I looked forward to Kicking It With My Homies more than anything on TV.

So let me ask you fucks: do you have any artefacts from back in the day? Specifically, I was hoping to find:

  • That Picture of Zidane from GTAGaming
  • My old sig (not this mutilated version)
  • And the Christmas version!
  • Any vintage editions of Kicking It With My Homies
  • Anything from the Spamm Teem or the Sylums era

Or basically anything that could be regarded as a treasure of the era.

Fucking mello

I have this:


Looking through this old arse photobucket account, I used to make some cool shit with photoshop, well not cool. They're actually really basic, but still












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NCP: I don't think it's legal to take hospital supplies and send them as gifts D:

Dear all: My brother graduated last month and sent me this while I was at work today:


I'm mad jealous.

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