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Found 1 result

  1. Hi there, I would just be interested in peoples opinion on what the public transport system would be like in GTA 5, In GTA:SA There was a railway line (Brownstreak Railroad!!!) but that was it (Oh and there was a tram system in San Fiero but all you could do was jump on the tram roof, it couldn't be accessed normally) In GTA:4 There was obviously a Subway & Taxis but again that was it Interestingly in GTA:SA they had taxis but you could only steal and drive them then in GTA 4 they had taxis that could be hailed In GTA:4 they had buses but you could only steal and drive them, maybe in GTA:5 they could be ridden on (legally) I personally loved (Yes, its wierd!!!) using public transport in GTA 4, I quite liked pretending I was in real life and so couldn't steal cars or whatever. It was the first GTA game when the network was extensive enough to allow for this, although it still wasn't very good and meant walking for ages sometimes to get to a station. Anyway, I would like a more extensive subway, plus lots of bus stations, the subway could be in the inner city, where things are high density, and buses could run like every 5 minutes, meaning that you only really had to turn up at a bus shelter for one to arrive, there could also be a bus station where most (75%) of bus routes visited, obviously the subway couldn't run in the suburbs, thus that is why they would have buses, plus as GTA 5 will bring back the countryside there might be small towns like in GTA:SA (towns like Blueberry, Montgomery, Dillemore) thus bus routes could go there, however as these bus routes would be less well used, there might only be one bus every hour or so, thus sometimes you might have to wait at a bus stop for the next bus, which could be upto 1 game hour away or 1 real life minute. Finally there could also be a heavy rail service like Brownstreak Railroad that simply took you to the general area of something, so obviously you would have to catch a connecting bus for going to where you want to go, there could be bus stops at each of the stations, (Brownstreak and Subway) just like in real life, plus obviously bus stops dotted along the roads. The downside of having such a realistic transport system is obviously complication, thus there would need to be a simple in game map for public transport, like when you open the map, there could be options such as Map, Transport Map, Things to Do Map, etc etc, The Transport Map could allow you to maybe plot where you wanted to go and it would tell you which Train/Subway/Bus routes you needed to take. Finally I just want to say that if you hate using public transport in game you would NOT be forced to use it, it would be an optional thing, I'm sure 25% of people would never use it and a further 50% might only use it once or twice for novelty value, but I'm sure there is a gaming minority that like to use public transport in game, and this system would cater for that minority, and tbh there are plenty of different aspects of games that cater for the minority of game players, but because you might have hundreds of different aspects it means that everyone is covered and you can play the game true to life if you want to, but also you can not if that's more your thing, So, tell me what you think???