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  1. This question has probably been asked hundreds of times but fuck it.. I'm asking it.

    1. Which is your favorite and Why?

    2. Tommy Vercetti or Carl Johnson?

    3. Better Story?

    4. 80s Vice City or 90s San Andreas?

    5. IF Tommy and Carl had a fight, Who'd win?

    Opt. Anything Else you'd like to add?


  2. Am I the only one who thinks the voice in the trailer sounds Hispanic?.. I don't know why people think he's white.. but I guess the majority is probably right.

    Packie - He left for the Airport at the End of The Baled of Gay Tony, so he'll probably be involved in the story.

    The Old Guy - I don't think he'll be the Protagonist, because R* usually goes for the Rag 2 Riches Story, and it's a formula that has proved to work, No point changing it. Also he doesn't suit the young voice, I'd expect him to have more of a Italian or Irish American Accent.

    GTA3 Protagonists - Just because R* says there'll be no returns, (..on several occasions.) I'm not falling for it. Is it really unimaginable that R* would lie? They would also missing out on a golden opportunity; people love returns.. hell, I even got a Semi when Ken Rosenberg came back for another game (..and I hated him in Vice City). I'm 50/50 that there'll be a return of a Protagonist.

    Prediction: A Hispanic Guy coming from a shitty backround; got rich from his criminal past; met the right girl; retired for a Honest Life; started a Family and moved to a White Picket Fence Neighborhood; had it all taken from him; he's back to square one.. and has to go back to being a criminal. That's just a very basic idea.