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  1. I think that "Ned" is one of those guys we will receive contracts from. we won´t be able to play him. come on, a guy who´s about 45 years old as main character? naaaahhh.. where´s the "magic thing"? ;)

    Liam Neeson is 59 and he still plays badass characters that fight, run, shoot guns and no one complains... Also, I know some guys that are 40-50 years old and more energetic than a lot of younger guys.

    But Liam Neeson is athletic. That guy in the trailer looks fat-ass, so it´s not the same. ;)

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  2. The old dude (Ned) looks more like a CEO/boss of a big corporation (maybe he's the ceo of the company for which the skyscraper is built?) rather than a mob boss.

    He's a family guy and moved with his wife to Los Santos to build a new headquarter/office building for the corporation he owns and maybe have some kids, but the company becomes bankrupt, his wife gets pregnant and poor Ned needs to do nasty stuff so he can take care of his family.

    I have a rich imagination... but I would kinda like to see that in the game. It would give realism and passion to it.

    Sorry 'bout my english, it's not my native language.

    I think that "Ned" is one of those guys we will receive contracts from. we won´t be able to play him. come on, a guy who´s about 45 years old as main character? naaaahhh.. where´s the "magic thing"? ;)

  3. No.. That's no argument .... so maybe Gottfried is in for stand up comedy and well-known actors for voice acts.

    First part was complete shit, I don't see how thats "no argument" when Sam Houser said it himself, they prefer not to use well-known voice talent. I guess for your simple minded brain that translate to "They don't use well-known talent" He said they prefer not he didn't say they don't their is a huge difference. Obviously there is going to be well known singers on the radio station some of the people doing talk-shows in GTA have been around since GTA III.

    As for Gilbert Gottfried to be a comedian in the game he'd have to be a comedian he hasn't done stand-up for a while that I'm aware of I've only seen him mostly Voice-acting, except for the Tsunami jokes that was some good shit.

    I never doubted anything houser said, i just replied to this post:

    >> thats what i said at the end. R* wont use big name actors anymore so they have more money on the game itself. <<

  4. No.. That´s no argument. For example in IV there were a few well-known actors or singers. not as voice actors of the main characters but as talkmasters in radio shows or radio hosts. and don´t forget the comedy shows with motion capturing. Katt Williams and Ricky Gervais for example. R* could spent money for other features, but they didn´t. And if they did it once, they don´t have to do it twice, so maybe Gottfried is in for stand up comedy and well-known actors for voice acts.

  5. Ummmm...Exactly WHERE did you get this info that the PC version is going to be released at launch? And also where did you get the info on the specs?

    I just checked Rockstars website and there is nothing like what you stated on the official site at all.

    ^ what that guy said.

    Don´t ask me, ask him. Just found that on google. can´t find anything on rockstar.com or any solid sources..

  6. I was pretty sure it was just los santos until i read that article.... I don't think this confirms just Los Santos, in my opinion in points towards all three cities..

    I will stick to exactly what's in the press release. It's Los Santos and the surrounding counryside - and a very big map.

    1. Los Santos is in it.


    2. Surrounding countryside


    3. a very big map.

    Also, he says he'll stick to exactly whats in the press release. If it's just Los Santos and countryside, while qualify it by saying "i'll be sticking to the press release". I think that his statement makes it more likely that it will contain the other cities... (or at least one additional city).

    Actually, this makes a lot of sense. His reluctance to say anything outside the press release suggests that there is more to it than the press release.

    WORD! Looks like there are people who understand what i mean.. ;)

  7. I don't understand why everyone thinks that Rockstar can't pull off 3 cities with the level of detail you're imagining Los Santos to exhibit.

    exactly.. almost four years of development and the game engine was already done in IV. just look at RDR, i thinkt it was more complex than GTA IV and was much bigger. So why shouldn´t there be more big cities? people were arguing the same way when SA was announced: it´s too big, that´s not possible. SA was bigger than any GTA ever when it was released, AND they fixed a problem that influenced the gameplay negatively: no loading screen between the map sections like those in GTA III and VC.

  8. ok, i must confess: that´s truly an option.. but it´s still my opinion that there will/must be more cities, as long as the game isn´t out, or alternatively it´s not proof in another way. rockstar will definitively surprise us, just like they did with their sudden resolve to announce the game officially.


    Just found this video on youtube. Also watch part 2, that´s pretty interesting.

  9. ....Liberty City, and Vice City were both just one city broken into different sections.

    Like i said: There always where at least three main cities or city parts.

    Sure those sections were separated, but there a map in the previous games was made out of islands or significant parts. there was water between every section or a significant border. but if you have one city - and i´m talking about a city that´s not like LC, made up of a couple of islands, like LS a.k.a. LA - there would be just a few stupid ways to frequent that. So i still guess there will be a map bigger than RDR, and with more than one city.

  10. There MUST BE more cities than one. Remember all previous GTA titles: There always where at least three main cities or city parts. GTA - three areas of a city. GTA 2 also. GTA III: Portland Island, Staunton Island and Shoreside Vale. GTA: Vice City: Vice City Main Land, Vice City Beach, Starfish Island and Prawn Island. (It´s been a while, so i don´t remember wich one u had to unlock). GTA: San Andreas: Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas. GTA IV: Bohan, Dukes, Algonquin, Broker and last but not least: Alderney. R* is still holding back informations. I don´t think that they will create a game with a map, where you can go wherever you want from the first second you are playing. And a "small county" outside Los Santos wouldn´t be worth it.

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  11. The trailer is NOT an announcement. The announcement was on October 25, 2011. The trailer was released about 8 days after the announcement on November, 2, 2011. I guess they didn´t let any informations go out this time, so they can work on the game without answering millions of emails with questions like "when will it be done?" "when will it be released?" "what´s the story of the game?" "who´s the main character?" etc.. I also guess that the game is already done, but they wait with the release because max payne was done earlier.. :fap: