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  1. Also is skyrim similar to mod?Might pick it up just to mod it.

    Not only does it have a solid hi-res texture packs, but there's also a mesh pack that improves the shape of pretty much everything in the game.



    I can't remember if New Vegas or Fallout 3 had their own version of SMIM.

    Ok thanks i also downloaded a type 3 body mod but im not sure what i can use it for.

  2. Easiest way to tell is to find a garbage can. It's the most drastic change.


    It's also a lot more noticeable if you play for 500 hours before installing the texture pack. I noticed the difference immediately, because I originally bought Fallout 3 for Xbox.

    I can't even look at a Bethesda game without a texture pack and an ENB, anymore. The modding community has spoiled me.

    The difference is incredible...even NMC medium to large is huge leap.Also is skyrim similar to mod?Might pick it up just to mod it.

  3. Sheeeeeeit. Mods? Nigga, you in over yo head. I shall assist, if needed. I have hundreds of mods for every Bethesda game I have on PC. Close to 350, for Skyrim, last I checked.

    I actually need to do clean re-installs for New Vegas and Skyrim, but I'm so fucking lazy.

    Yea I had a lot of trouble at first but im doing pretty good now...im using Dynamo enb and project reality but im not sure if reality is doing anything. Also using weapons of the new millenia.Tried using the character overhaul but cant get it to work.

  4. I wonder if there will be any extra skill sets to level up, I mean we are guaranteed to see, stealth/stamino/strengh/flying/driving/lung capacity/??special?? but are they going to add more stats presuming all characters start out as 'newbies' and aim to be hardened criminals? It would be cool if shooting was added as a stat, so minor lacks in accuracy to start with or something.
    Isnt shooting already in the game?