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  1. Hmmm... I‘m wondering if this was anything like my issue with GTA IV.

    I tried completeing all the stunt jumps but there was one that never registered, even after going back and following the guide 3 times over I was still left with 49/50 stunt jumps complete.

    Yep, been there done that with the pigeons from GTAIV. Probably attempted it 5-6 times and still couldn't find the last one. Really kind of a shame that some people suffer these glitches while others don't, and prevents you from achieving 100%.

  2. Was curious if anybody else was having an issue with R* Social Club within the last 30 minutes or so?

    I had to do a side mission that required me taking a photograph. Everytime I tried to use the Camera, it said there was an issue with the Social Club and that it couldn't load the Snapmatic thing, therefore preventing me from taking photos and causing me to fail my mission. I eventually just had to disconnect my Ethernet and finally the Camera worked.

  3. I had a 32" Samsung LED up until about a week or so ago. When I first bought it a while back, I didn't realize it didn't have any kind of Audio output plugs (optical, digital output or even the standard red/white rca). So I couldn't hook up my Xbox360 and have the audio come through my Surround Sound system. Total fail. But at the time I wasn't concerned.

    That was until I bought and played Red Dead Redemption back in August. That's when I realized TV Audio wasn't going to cut it for GTAV.

    So to answer the thread's question, I went to Wally World this past week and bought me a 39" Vizio LED and it's working like a charm.

  4. I found this on gta forums regarding an air strip.


    in the bottom left of the pic there is a circle it is blue and says pc what dose it mean.

    PS i totally agree with who ever said bradly game put things on the map in the wrong spot or has not vare detailed maps.

    I believe the one's that have that little PC looking icon is actually a checkerboard flag for races.

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  5. Any Word on Bullet Proofing or Armoring a vehicle? that would be one of the best things they could add, Imo. Im mostly thinking of bullet resistant windows that can take up to a certain weapon class, or maybe cosmetic steel plates welded to the outside of a vehicle that can add extra weapon-damage protection, stuff like that.

    I don' recall having heard anything for certain about that, but somebody else might be able to clarify on it. But I was under the impression that most, if not all, of the car mods were just cosmetic and weren't going to have much impact on functionality -- but I could be wrong.


    I actually do think I recall hearing something about armor mods and bulletproofing tires or something like that but it's been a while. I've tried to not follow too much of the details to keep from getting spoiled by the new features.

  6. That's his lightbar on the roof...


    You can only see the Blue light on the bar ( and not the white or the red ).



    The Blue Light is on the right side of the lightbar/ car in both Screens.

    Different car, different lights, and no way is it the alley light, that's near the windshield.

    Not trying to start an argument, but unless that light is a flash light, then it's an alley light.

    Unless I'm misinterpreting what you're saying, I think you're confusing Alley light with Spotlight. Alley light's are the clear lights on the driver and passenger side on the roof mounted light bar. The clear lights on the front of the lightbar are called Takedowns. Spot lights are the lights mounted to the doors above the mirror.

  7. I wonder how much they've collected through preorders prior to release day.

    Xbox 360 - 1,581,146

    Playstation 3 - 1,037,597

    at base price of $60 = $157,124,580 off pre-orders alone (not including Special & Collectors editions extra fees)

    I cannot begin to imagine how many more will show up to the midnight release.

    I read just a bit ago that as of 2012, GTAIV had sold 25 million copies, which would make their profit up towell over $1 billion, so I think it's safe to say that Take2 will certainly be pleased with the $170 million investment knowing that GTAV will sell that many copies over its lifetime.

  8. What are you talking about? The only thing you pay for is the Live service itself and Sony will be doing that in a few months...

    Haven't seen anything about Sony charging for Online access. So when did this change? Does Rockstar/Take-2 charge for their online/multiplayer access on the PS3?


    TY Santiago. The PS4/Online obviously isn't my concern since GTAV isn't coming out on the PS4 at the present moment.

  9. I'm probably gonna buy it for the 360 since I already have one. On a tight budget and don't want to spend $300 on a new PS3/game.

    Once the PC version comes out and the modding community starts to have its crack at the game, I'll probably get that too.

    You're in Tennessee. Just cook up a batch of crank -- $300, easy.

    Hahaha! I work as a security guard...use/production/distribution of illegal drugs don't mix well with folks in my line of work.