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  1. in trailer 2 he isnt squared so much if you focus on how the shadowing is and the fact that he has a muffin top and his arm blocks half of it. just dont focus on his right side and picture his arm down. or watch the trailer for when he takes a drink. Good topic btw, i read the whole thing lol and massacre this website would be boring without you insulting people lol.

  2. they should have the CIA and DEA on this some where that be cool to know there watching you then you snipe them, then they come in and try to take you down or you wake up in a jail and try to escape ................im going no where with this :huh::o:ermm::confused::whistle::lamo::( ?

    That would be fun to wake up in jail, and since there are 3 protags you could use the other 2 to help you break out. your idea lives lol

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  3. Im going to close my and have someone go to one end of the map for me then I will walk in a straight line to the other side of the map. I closed my eyes so I don't know anything. I will probably do it on their profile so I don't have to do the missions and get the sights spoiled. Its should be a small map so shouldn't take that long.

    the map is going to be freakin huge! its not gonna be a short walk at all, if you do walk it will take around an hour or more to walk straight through, think how long it will be to walk a road all the way back.

    since the whole world is open, im gonna check and see if the drive thru works at fast food places, then i will go find a truck (not semi) and drive all the way to the beach, rent a mini submarine and explore the ocean and see if i can kill a shark, and when im done with that i guess ill parasail and problably crash a plane into the ocean and to finish off messin around i will go to a bar, get drunk and drive a sports car while starting a poice chase to an air field! =) you can say rediculous all you want but i have always wanted to try drunk flying

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  4. I'm thinking more of a stadium like in Vice CIty that you can enter during multiplayer and there's some jumps/obstacles for you to play around with.

    i like this, and there should be a derby race you can enter with awesome crappy rusted cars lol and have a booth outside of the stadium for optional events like monster trucks! or enter you rusted car to be smashed by monster trucks and you get to watch as an audience member. Another crazy idea of mine for some multiplayer fun in the off road truck races with friends. i hope they fix the truck and SUV driving as well i have owned several and have been taking corner really fast for a couple of years and i wanna see them go up on 2 wheels and not flip instantly or just do a crappy drift, it wasnt bad but i know they can do better from what i've seen and the bobcat trucks i cant wait to drive, you guys have gotta see the new crash test phisics in the game. i have a video, do you wanna see? and no its not a dumb fake its a new test engine they are running and dan houser wanted people to know they are doing better.

  5. ok so about the military base, there is one, Dan Houser announced it himself and for those that dont know who he is, he has been a developer in gta since 3. and they will have the military men too jets and helicopters will try and shoot you if you are in an aircraft and you have a high enough wanted level. as far as fire trucks and ambulances i hope the bring back the missions as well. and to add in what about running over peds? in SA it almost stopped you car or flipped you and in IV they went over your car and if you waited they would always get up even if you crushed them a few times. Yes! a fire truck use as a sniper tower would be awesome!

  6. So I was thinking about driving trains and I was remembering SA and how we were able to drive them and i know most of you will argue and say its not the same SA. Well I know that and figured that its was a fun experience being able to do that and derailing the suckers. I hope they bring back making it drivable if not oh well and another thing I remember seeing was submarines at an army base and thought "hey they have gone all out ocean in this new game" and well my mind went wandering to know what your comments are on this subject are.

  7. I just think with a world as big as GTA 5 and for them to say they are having a full economy to spend your money on, then they need to include alot of these things to make it feel like a real world and even add more things as DLC later on to expand it. Its gonna be 5 yrs prob until the next GTA games comes out, so the more u give the players to do, the more they will come back. When we talk about economy in this game, we should have these.

    1.Multiple dealerships for cars,trucks,ATV's,dirtbikes,etc... with a autoshop so if it gets damaged, u take it there to get fixed or if u want to detail/customise it.

    2.Places to upgrade our homes

    3.Gun shops to buy and customise our weapons

    4.Variety of clothing stores with options to buy jewelery and other accessories

    5.Carnival with all rides working and ticket booths to buy tickets or wristbands

    6.Tattoo shops

    7.Variety of different types of food to eat. Pizza,hot dogs,hamburgers,fries,fish,rice,etc...

    8.How about a place to go and buy new combat moves to learn.

    9.Pet shop since animals are in the game

    10.Full casino

    There is so much they can do to this game to make it great in so many ways. I'm hoping we hear soon what ideas they have for this economy so we get an idea of the direction they are going with it.

    that would be so freakin amazing to have all of that, i just hope they are reading things and taking notes, it would suck to waste these awsome ideas! and add a boat dealerships or rentals i saw in the trailer that the trailer park had a flood and it would be awsome to own a place by the ocean and to drive a truck with a boat trailer to the docks and put it in yourself. ENDLESS AWESOMENESS and people dont be haters on the ideas sayin its too realistic for you because if its the truth for you then i recommend frogger

  8. you would think that people would get that... its kinda the batman way lol but anyway i think the bigger points are being missed, renting ATV'S for dunes, buying lifts for trucks for mudding, renting race cars for circuits and might be able to take the car for a winning prize. i mean you can lie taking a race car for a 2 person hiest would be badass as hell not to mention a epic police chase. Also buying beer at bars, placing wagers at darts or poker or something, im not a big fan of quiet cars, i like loud muscle cars so maybe a sound chip customization in with car mods would be cool, and as for the arcade game room idea, everyone likes pinball lol or pac-man or something of the sort =D. i like the creativity of the ideas here, but i guess not many people see the backround in the videos. im not sure about anyone else but i saw a carnival!!! NOW THINK!!! MONEY

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  9. from my previous comment about having insurace, for those of you who read the actual R* updates. Money will be an issue but then again each character has there own money so its not shared, i was thinking of a banking system and since they are all friends what if we could do a wire transfer or bank loans, like say you have some shortage of money to pay the insurance with a character but with another character your loaded with money, you should be able to switch people and give the other guy a loan through bank accouts as long as its paid back within a time limit and same with a bank loan or you could get your car repo'd or if you dont have one then do some side missions for the police. and for those of you thinking of how big of a pain in the ass it will be to remember bank stuff, im thinking instead of pin# and all of that I HAVE A 5 STEP EXAMPLE TO SIMPLIFY... 1.you just go to a bank. 2. got to ATM. 3. click transfer. 4. type amount. 5. pick protags name to transfer to. Being able to make cell or computer transaction will be just as easy with same basic steps and i would be amazed if they read this and put it in lol

  10. icon11.gif

    For sure w/e cars they will have wont be called by real life car names.

    I want them to bring back the BF injection

    already done, its there

    Yes the car sounds in IV SUCKED BALLS!!! Most V8 cars sounded like 4 bangers. The only cars I remember sounding decent were the Sabre Turbo or whichever one looked like a 1970 Chevelle/Cutlass/Buick Skylark, The one modeled after the Escalade and the car that looked like a 1960 Impala lowrider

    my first car was bodied as a 90 skylark custom lol it was actually a front wheel drive grand national X lol beastly little sucker

    I want all kinds of off-road vehicles like sand rails and 4x4 trucks and Jeeps. Also I'd like to see a Yamaha Banshee and different dirtbikes.

    A lot more muscle cars too. And the ability too put bigger rims on the back. They should add drag races too.

    I also want to open the trunk of the car and see the sound system. I can park the car next to me and open th trunk so I can listen to music while I am unloading an AK47 on some peds.

    LIFTED 97 silverado 4x4 z71!!! best off road experience ever, and i used to drag one illegally with no mods and it kicked ass against camaros and corvettes lol we need to convince them

  11. So to summarize, most people agree that the parking spots from 4 did not work very well (at least not as the only way save cars). Most everyone would like to see the return of large garages to store multiple cars (and air craft I guess). I think a mix of garages and parking spot would be acceptable?

    It would also be nice if we didn’t have to worry about losing our nice cars every time we took them for a spin. on the other hand most people agree that the SR system is to easy (no unlimited reloads of any car we save accessible from any safe house).

    I think the greatest solution to this problem is, as some others have brought up, to have a car that you own and will simply not disappear no matter where you leave it. To clarify I do not mean that it will always appear in your garage or it will just show up next to you after a mission. If you park it on a back country road then that were it will be until you go get it. This is how I see it working...

    so you still have garages and parking spots, but you can have 1 car (for each character I guess) that you own. you can drive it around, park it, do missions and come get it later. Now I think it is reasonable that this car is "mortal", that is if you wreck it, it’s gone forever. if it just re-spawns then we are back to SR again. Of course maybe there can be a way to pay to fix it, assuming it didn’t blow up or sink into the ocean. if you get arrested in it then it will impounded and you can pay to get it out. it could be stolen if you leave it in the wrong part of town, but maybe there could be a small side mission where you could track it down and get it back. In 4 you could shut down the engine by holding Triangle as got out, maybe that could work here for locking the car. if it isn’t locked then there is a chance it will be stolen. In fact there could be all kinds of security upgrades you could pay for (back to the subject of what to spend money on) alarms, GPS tracking, ect.

    Just some ideas, I think it would be nice. I do not see why we cannot do this at this point. if they could do it with a horse in RDR then they should be able to do it with a car... right?

    i like this idea but what if persay you got your car blown up and you held the title to it as the character owning that special car, if you had insurance for just that occasion or driving it into the ocean, and you get insurance money to go buy a new car and it would be locked away if you try to steal it with another character like in a locked garage or a shed in the back or something. I also like the dealership idea, if anyone doesnt want to get a new car, i see they may have tow trucks or flat beds, we might as well be able to use them such as calling them or rent them in the occasion that the car blows up or if you engine smokes and shuts off and use the tow truck take it to a shop to pay for repairs.