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  • ViceMan

    Anyone had any experience with Argos preorders? I preordered Red Dead from them back in August because I felt like giving my money to someone other than Amazon for a change. But now i'm paranoid it isn't going to arrive on release day.

  • TreeFitty

    I guess someone left the L out of "mental" and everyone copy/pasted that person so now #WorldMentaHealthDay is trending worldwide on twitter. Hilarious.

  • GunSmith

    *mournfully draws on harmonica*

  • Qdeathstar

    Now I remember why I stopped playing video games: 


    was as going to buy forza horizons, but I couldnt remember which password I used in a sea of ever changing passwords, figured that out only to see that Microsoft wouldn’t process PayPal with me any longer because I had to open two disputes over them charging me three times for a single gold membership. Said fuck it, don’t want to bother going downstairs to get the card atm, I’ll just play some fallout 4. 


    Nope, 300mb update needs to be installed. WTF! the game is 4 years old by now, weekly updates definitely are not needed. 


    My hour to to play was already down to thirty minutes and that point and so I said fuck it. I’ll try again tomorrow.

  • Jizzy

    Was Venom announced as being rated PG 13 a while ago or did they promise us an R rated Venom until the last second?

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