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(PS4) iGTA Night - Apr. 21

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i don't think we've ever done that... we had uniforms for the soccer event, but there we a few different teams...


no hats, no glasses either, unless you want to wear geek glasses... hairstyles can be whatever you want them to be... but no hats or sunglasses...

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yea, maybe i'll pick light gray pants... it's hard to not make him look like a business guy, thats why i thought the plaid flashy pants would work... but the female outfit is perfect, looks right...


too bad there aren't sweater vests :lol:... i'll see if i can come up with a better combo tonight... something utilizing the vest if i can... but i think only bow ties work with the vest jacket combo... which'll make the guys look like professors...

ya. beige or khakis work too. suit jacket isnt a must if you see a lot of the characters in Bully dont wear one. even those slippy dress shirts work because they are only half tucked in. the "bully" faction in the game dressed like that.


We could do blue , and others wearing green to be like the nerds. or if you wanted it more unified altogether going blue makes sense cause LiEk crew colour.

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i say we keep us all looking the exact same... perhaps after some photos, a couple of us could dress in green to pretend to be a rival frat... that could be a cool photo idea... but yea, let's all initially start the night out wearing the same thing... i do wanna get crazy at a frat party tho, so let do some over the top shenanigans involving the pool and the general idea of partying...


dup, your sedan race looks eerily similar to my scooter race in the same area... even the turns feel the same :lol:...


ohh, and drive your fanciest car since we're all rich spoiled brats at this prestigious school...

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#clothesnazi #cancelbones #green #schoolgirlfetish #cantcontroltheboner #college #collegedropout #suckingdickforgoodgrades #ilookgoodinplaid #myfemalecharacterhasapenis #idontevenhaveapsplussubscriptionanymore



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the dufflebag thing still works? that first one is a good rival outfit :thumbup:...


IDK if it does. I did that over a week ago. Hopefully it does for others

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Yeah had a go at getting inside the training interior and found a way this time.

I like that first outift DiO. It's just finding something for the male characters to match that... hmm. Maybe the same suit top and vest combo but with black suit trousers? And matching tie.

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you can only wear bowties with vests, or is that just vests with suit jackets? either way, they looked too business like IMO... i really really wish we could put emblems on suit jackets, that'd really make them feel real...

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I'm saying combos of that shit with khakis and the untucked shrits for drunkards



suit jacket isn't necessary. bones, that male one still look too car salesmen-ish.


probably cause the pants have little contrast with the rest and it's so colourful.

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mainly wanted to do green cause I liked it with the duffel bag

attachicon.gifCDDshVUUMAAhgPF.jpg large.jpg


/\ tried gettin this going

attachicon.gifCDDskvOUgAALlHH.jpg large.jpg

I think this looks ok for male students. It goes with the school girl look anyway. Shame you cant change pants though.


I think bOnEs looks Harvard, and DiO's looks Bullworth. The car salesman look to me is the old man wearing it. Either way i like both.

The attire:

Outfits: Heist Tuxedos: The Benifit

Smart Shoes: Chocolate Oxfords

Accessories: Ties: Stone Skinny Tie

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we'll dick around with combos tonight then... i was trying to make the two match, that was my hardest plan since it involved switching characters and seeing if there was a similar combo... we'll get it figured out tonight ;)... we'll find that right balance with the igta blue uni's... you guys seem to have the rival ones down pat tho...

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we'll start with all wearing the igta outfits for class photos, nothing special, but something worthy of a banner pic with all of us lined up... do some hazing, etc... then we can have some fun with a rival frat, i already have cool photo ides for that B)...

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so tonight was a bit different... it had a different vibe for some reason, and we welcomed back an oldie to mix, jizzy, who was there for the 2nd half! nonetheless, here's my snaps, i'll have short videos to add later ;)...



so we start the night off with professor davenport once again coming to work drunk, disregarding the parking rules...




he also spotted some of us drinking and smoking under the bleachers...






professor ricky showed up to not break it up, but to partake in said rule breaking...




iGTA class of 2015 (those missing too long to list)...




cheech, weev, bones, bmx, r2d2, ace, dup, dio...




the freshman, dup... he snuck out before we could haze him...




he did get a good one in on a fellow junior tho...




random faculty parking...




we found professor davenport passed out...




he was late to class, ended up running over some poor student on his way in...




the logo looked sick, didn't get enough times to rock it, we'll have to leave it up for a bit...








dup professing his love to his fellow frat member, dio...




a good view of the campus...




anyone for a free parachute ride??




it results in this;










dio going for the ultimate plunge (i'll have a successful vine of this soon!)




you're god damn right...








with jizzy, R2, and cheech...




throw in weev with the headphones...




bmx love you long time, cheech...




i missed my shot at all the jetski's out there, so i settled for this cop behind his ride :(...


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Class photos from BMX








suiting up



Professor Doug (ace) is unhappy with dup



Crest thing. Doug got confused on where to point







Crest thing with dead bones



Dup creeping






Weev austin powers'd my bike



very austin powers'd



Bone's had penetrating



R2d2midget/AM Radio with the logo on



someone on fire



riding bitch with Weev



cheech and AM Radio



AM radio



got a vid of Jason's trailer park LTS uploading. It was pretty cool. FIgured he'd want to see that. ill post later

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