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(PS4) iGTA Night - Feb. 24

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TUE FEB 24 - 6PM (EST) 11PM (GMT)

Join us this Tuesday for iGTA Crew Night! #shenanigans, user create jobs, photo ops, streaming, etc... Stay as long as you like, but please share your experience here with us for all to enjoy! Pics, videos, stories... Crew Nights are always told from multiple viewpoints, so please tell us your side of the story!

If you created a new job, post a link here so we can try and get it into a playlist!


Pimps and Hoes Night... make sure that pimp hand is strong, and ladies, make sure those skirts aren't too long, it's time to pimp out los santos!


guy characters try your best to actually look like a pimp, which means suits, fedoras, etc... you might even come up with a different combo, but make it look pimp... we'll have to tell cheech to ditch the beer hat for one night (that's gonna be a bitch, he's stubborn as fuck with that damn thing)... and lady characters, dress like a tramp, not like a lingerie model... try to wear something that looks like a streetwalker...


break out those pimpin' rides too, let's get crazy with the whips, maybe do a quick car meet photo if we got enough of them in the lobby... we could have a pimp convention at the strip club lol...


if i'm feeling creative, i might try to create a job today...



* Join the iGTA community here, or befriend one of us to join the Crew.
* Add us on the Playstation Network to get invited.
* You can join whenever, but the earlier the better. Ask for an invite if you want in.
* NO CREW KILLING (unless #shenanigans happen or agreed upon)
* NO DIRTY RACING! Also, listen to us if there's specific rules for a job.

* NO BULLET-PROOF HELMETS during competitive play. It ruins the balance of the matches.
* If there's an "EVENT THEME", please dress appropriately.
* Don't ruin someone's Photo or Video if they're trying to set something up.

...we'll add more as we go if needed.

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capture job for tuesday B)...



Hoes Be Trippin'!

GTA Capture - 2 to 30 Players<--add to game


Dem hoes done stole my Pimpmobiles! Get 'em back an we'll discuss payment... I got other girls who ain't turned on me if you catch my drift ;)

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inspired by all the leopard print those hoes are wearing in ur job picture, my hoe be wearing pure leopard print



I call dibbs on leopard print



no other hoes jack my style




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cause it's a little slow today at work, i made this...





i'll make it live soon so i can see it in-game later today… i don't think there'll be a lot of logo wearing, but we could slap them on our rides, or perhaps as a little emblem on whatever outfit we have on (if you want to)… either way, i made a pimp logo, and we can rock for a few days after as well, or until we need a new one, like next week's bullworth night...

EDIT: upon closer inspection, i'll move that hat down slightly and make the feather pop up more ;)… seeing the curve of the G just under the hat is fucking with my eyes, lol...

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nice one man




did you see the emblem i started for aarp?


I was remaking the actual logo. with the text at the top. so we could add stuff below it


ill likely finish it up if we are actually going to use that crew

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oh, right lol… i did see that a couple days ago… i haven't even used it since i created it :lol:… we'll use it more tho for sure… when i break out the old guy on a non crew night (last week i got him out but it was crew night), i'll break out the crew...

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Here's my playlist input this week:


The Fuzz Ball


1-30 player GTA Race

A Policemen's Ball is being held at the Beacon Theatre on Capital Blvd. And they're looking for some old skool action.

I got girls all over town, walking the streets... Get 'em to the Ball, they'll make a bundle!


Tune in to Space 103 for a Pimpin' ride along.


^ That one's a nod to GTA 3 If any of you guys remember that far back ;)


Boats N Hoes



2-30 player GTA Capture (2 teams)

Take dem boats from dem hoes!


^ The hoes are set to wander around inside the giant cock, and you have to steal the boats from them and take them back to your base.


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well, i deleted the old pimp emblem and updated it 2 hours ago and it still shows as a broken image... i FUCKING HATE their piece of shit emblem creator... i deleted it again, and published it, again... it better be there by morning...

here's what it's suppose to look like whenever the SC gets its shit together...



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My pics...


Cheech and Casey out of focus...




Ho line up...








bmx(?) checking on the hos...




Ho, Mercy...




Truth making his selection...




Double the fun at the Unicorn...




Twins behind the bar...




Nice shoes, Casey...




Pimps and hos...




Driving Mr Dup...




Ginginho with his Open 24 Hos...




Good times...

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