Trailer Park Boys New Season

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Ray = Barrie Dunn.

Apart from playing Ray, Barrie Dunn was the Producer in the showcase era and hence Showcase stopping production, he didn't come over to the new season.

Movie Spoilers

Plus if you saw the new movie you'd know that Ray faked his own death and then retired to a fancy dump in Florida.

As for the new season, I'm still enjoying it. I see what you mean with it seeming more scripted but overall this was the eventual conclusion TPB was coming to. It's not the same show as it was, and that's essentially the reason it was canned, but we wanted more and at the very least I'm still laughing my ass off.

EDIT: Holy Fuck. Greasy Phil Collins Died on the set of Don't Legalize it. Another legend who won't be coming back :(

EDIT 2: So J-Roc is 41 now.

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I know about all that, but he should just swallow his prize and take back his role as Ray, just to please the fans.

The previous bullshit is all water under the fridge!

Season 9 is already done, I can see them milking this for a few more seasons, only for the last couple to really suck... I don't see this ending well.


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RIP John Dunsworth

So glad I went to see him and Randy's No Pants Unpissed tour up close last year.  The good seats, 8 bucks. :)


Some of my favorite Lahey lines:

- "Who's there, Rick?"

- "I'm sober enough to know what I'm doing, and drunk enough to enjoy it."

- "6 out of 10"



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