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dude the PS4 screenshots are super high quality too compared to game snaps... it's a bit pointless to use the social club anymore lol... i only add snaps there for contests and/or the occasional friends and shit i have on there... but yea, the quality is clearly evident B)...








Photo Jan 11, 1 20 06 AM.jpg


also, you should share some of your stuff on twitter... i follow you, others should see your stuff too, you take quality snaps... they're not the artsy fartsy ones that most pay attention to nowadays, but for fucks sake, classy snaps are still cool too -_-...


use the #iGTA hashtag too, people like dio and gtagrl browse it like i do :)...

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Yes definitely huge quality difference.  You can use the screenshots as wallpaper even!  I should use twitter more often.  More active on fb these days.  I'll start using that tag when I do post them there.

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