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I'd love to be a part of a crew but the thing is, I'm really inconsistent when it comes to playing video games. For example: there's times where I'll be playing a game for days and then there's times where I won't be picking it up for weeks. Especially with multiplayer.

For some reason, I'm very sloppy when it comes to being on time for meetings or when something's going down too...

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You are not worthy.

lol i joke. To be honest the igta crew has plenty of members which probably wont even hardly online, so it doesn't matter...

Dup,you should make a vinewood sign that says iGTAV

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Hi, we are starting a crew in GTA V for Xbox 360 and am now actively recruiting. It is focused on role playing and fun, but we are looking for all types of players. We will strive to top the leaderboards in all game types. If you are interested then leave your gamertag here, and request to join at this link:

Los Santos Crime Syndicate

We are a collection of various criminal organizations who all share the common goal of taking over Los Santos, to create a criminal utopia where people with vision run things and don't have to answer to anyone else. It is about making money and having fun. Participating in betrayal, spying for other Crews and other activity that hurts the Crew will result in being put on a bounty list and kicked from the Crew. Remaining members will then be paid well to seek out and deal with these problems.

The crew is divided into different classes/specializations/roles, although responsibilities are flexible depending on who is online at the time, what the mission is, etc. We will create missions and Crew objectives for members to carry out, and while there are "ranks" all members have equally valued input into mission design, heist planning, and suggestions about ways to make money and maintain good stats. There is also a lot of mobility to move among the ranks, the ranks are mostly for role playing fun, but will also help for organization purposes, and let people play to their strengths on Crew missions.

Who should join:

  • People who enjoy role playing

  • people who want to be at the top of the leaderboards in all game modes, stats, etc.

  • people who enjoy headset communication, tight teamwork, and strategic playing

  • people who want to earn big money

  • people who want to have fun!


President: oversight, organization, personnel, heist planning/mission design, etc

Vice President: same as above, second opinion insight, high priority missions

Lieutenants: communication of objectives, performance reports, high priority missions, escort VIP's

Enforcers: handle problems, high risk combat missions, escort VIPs

Soldiers: basic combat ops, heists, weapon acquisition

Drivers: getaway, transport, vehicle acquisition, decoy ops

Task-Men: give out assignments, mission design, book-keeping, heist planning

Recon: scout rival Crews, stealth ops, assassinations, performance reports

Goons: gain rep for the Crew, combat, carry out objectives, back up on heists, make money, this slot is for people who want to help out and who are interested in reaching the top of the leaderboards but dont care about role playing or anything like that, who just want to do freelance work

The roles have specializations for people who are more proficient in certain types of play styles, although any rank can participate in heists, Crew objectives, and activities. We need people for all ranks so please leave your gamertag and the role you are applying for, and follow the link above and send a request. I will add you on XBL and we will set up a time to play GTA 4 and see what you got! My nickname on RSC is CRABLEGS. Feel free to PM me here or on Rockstar Social Club if you have any questions, also keep in mind that we pay GENEROUSLY on heists.


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I don't care about leaderboards, but otherwise, that sounds like a fun crew.

I'm all for roleplaying, as long as you leave non-roleplayers alone. Some kid in a cop car kept trying to make me pull over while I was fucking around in IV's free roam a few years back, and I was the asshole when I pulled over and suicide bombed him. <_<

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This is my Australian crew, we would like to recruit some more members in these final days before V. Exceptions can be made for New Zealander's. This is a crew of precision and deadly force. PM me if you would like to join!

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I'm looking for semi-serious members for my crew, Gasmask Legion. People who can work like a team and get shit done but can also have some fun goofing around. Xbox only. My Gamertag is "veteran162" and my Social Club ID is "Imnotokay17".

Crew link:


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Join my crew for some jolly-good dickin' around. We will generally free roam and look for creative ways to thrill-seek, which will likely involve much aircraft-initiated suicide. We'll throw in an occasional convenience store robbery for good measure.

If you spent hours in GTA IV seeing how far you can fly with the swingset glitch, this is the crew for you.

If you're a hardcore deathmatch "Come at me, bro!" type... uh... there are lots of other crews.

Oh, and XBoxers are welcome to join, but I'm a PS3 guy, so... there's that.

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