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Hello and welcome to LSRPD a Roleplaying GTA V clan.

We are a new clan with already a lot of members.

We're patrolling on a custom TDM and it's good to do.

How we work, We're making a private GTA ONLINE session and then

we will wait till everybody is there (at least 6 people)

After that we will start the patrol and we will meet at Central PD (Our Police Dept.)

What you can do in our clan:

-You must have a job as civilian.

-You can buy your own vehicles.

-You can rob the bank (Max +$100.000)

-You can get citations.

-We work with virtual money that you can earn on our website.

Our divisions are:




-SWAT (Coming soon..)


- Pilot

- Cab driver / Bus Driver

- Body Guard

- Helitour pilot

- Boat captain

- Fire Dept. / Paramedic (Coming soon..)

SIGN UP AT www . lsrpd.webs . com TO JOIN LSRPD!!

- SGT. Bombahkidd (For any questions add: DJMAGWEDE on PS3)

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The Richman Group

Mercenaries. Ex-Military. Career Criminals. Wealthy.

We're For Hire if the Price is Right.



If you have a job that needs done, or you need the best of the best for whatever the situation calls for, we're there to cater to your needs. But be warned, we don't come cheap. We expect to be paid handsomely for your troubles because if you're hiring us, you need something seriously taken care of. We're in it for the money, not the fame or glory. If you're not paying, then we're not playing.



We keep our business side hidden behind private investors who represent our "legitimate" company. You will never meet these individuals because they don't want anyone to know of their involvement or existence. The less you know, the better this company runs. You get paid when each job is finished. Money will be directly deposited into your account upon completion. We keep it simple so you don't have to worry about anything but the job at hand.



Dress nice, there's a certain dress code we enforce since you're representing our company out in the field. We work hard together, and play nice together. There's no funny business in between. You've been hired to do a job, we expect you to fulfill your obligations to the best of your abilities without any outside influences. If any of our members have an issue with how you handle your business, then there's a good chance your contract will be terminated.



Out of work and interested? Drop an application off at the Arcadius Business Center offices in Downtown Los Santos or send your resume to the following web address:

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@bOnEs - I'm in! I can't wait until we can get these heists started. I would like to see a small group of us suited and booted, with novelty masks!

Ditto. Except for freaken time zones.

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we still occasionally run into each other rob, despite the time difference... and you're all accepted as long as you play the part when repping the crew... i had heists in mind when i created this crew, and using masks for those as well, just like dup said...

now lets go out there and make some money instead of fucking around for 3 hours like usual B)...

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San Andreas Role Playing (PS3)

Wanted to let everyone know about a role playing group I have just started. I'm looking to incorporate several different genres... politics, law enforcement, military, etc. You don't have to commit to any specific role. In some cases you could play multiple roles and I may even ask you to do a secondary role. The most important part is that we are having fun and that we weed out the disruptive people. There will be a probationary period to joining the group to determine if you can follow the rules. It consists usually of one session maybe two at most. You’ll pass unless you are a jerk.

The following sessions have been scheduled along with what type of role playing it will be

Friday, March 28 at 11 p.m. Police Scenario

Friday, March 28 at 12:15 am Special Ops scenario

Saturday March 29 at 6pm Police Scenario

Saturday March 29 at 9pm Spec Ops Scenerio

Here are some examples of available roles:

Law Enforcement: Police Officer, Police Rookie, Detective, Narcotics Officer, Jailer, and Federal agent.

Fire Department; Fire Chief & Firefighter

Politics; Senator, Mayor, Campaign Manager

Criminal Factions Mafia member, Street Gang member, Armed Robber, Hitman/Assassin, etc

Civilian: Business Owner, Delivery Driver, Security Guard, Trucker, Taxi Driver

Military: Special Ops Commander, Sniper, Heavy Gunner, Military Pilot (Helicopter/Jet), Explosives Expert, Mercenary/Terrorist/Criminal element.

Please email me at [email protected] or message me at if you are interested with your PSN. I would also be welcome to any ideas or suggestions you may have even if you aren't interested. Thank you for your time

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Hey Folks

To celebrate our 100th recruit landmark, we have a new video that showcases more madness and mayhem!

If you like our style and want to join us on our ventures or know more, please check out our crew page and feel free to join here!

Big shoutouts to "Fozz20, EightOz60, Topperharly5346, Al3ssandross, Shmiller69, Bamboo93, IamNeurotik, TCFN09, JDFTHEBEAST, Thomascash13, UK SNEAKSHOTS, FervidCarnival7, Hitmanava and Madara221" who are key lieutenants, commissioners and representatives that continue to support our ever expanding crew/community.

Thanks for reading


The Crowley Crew

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Might as well get this thread on its way.

I'll be rep'in' iGTA most of the time, but if you fancy joining my (racing) crew "Genetically Superior" Then hit me up with a request baby! Compete with crew mates or against other crews, create crew specific tracks, polish those driving skills. Click the Emblem to view the Crew Page.

Genetically Superior


Stay Alpha, Bro!

now that your doing stuff with this I gotta join again

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Are you looking for a Krew.. We are currently looking to make our crew bigger Males and Females.are welcome to join McLA/RSG. Maturity is

must we do not have time to babysit little kidds crying over spilled milk.Other than that; your online rank MUST be around 35 or higher. Gotta

have A apartment Don't Matter the Garage, members Always help out other Crew members.You will have to take a few test any where from

Three to FiveTest objectives. Those Who Are Looking to Join McLA/RSG; Please contact Proby369, Redfoxytail347 or Ejordan PSN. & Last

[Note Aslo upon Test Taking OR Your Jump in as i like to call it. YOU WILL WEAR BUSTA'S color's ( Red T shirt , Black Pants , Shoes * any





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