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Differences between online and story modes

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For those of us that have been lucky enough to experience some online playtime, have you noticed this differences in the feel to the game itself?

Car sounds are IMPROVED! In my opinion anyway, they seem fuller with a bigger variety. Also noticed a few cars I have never seen in SP, whether I just havent come across them or they are new im not sure but ts still a nice suprise!

Also a few details missing/downgraded no more flying headbutts :'( at least with my character, I dont think the buildings and textures are as detailed, car engines etc.. (dont worry unlucky folk, its hardly noticable).

But again these are just some of the things I have experienced, bare in mind I had about 20mins of gameplay before going to a mission then crashing again!

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I find hard to believe that textures have changed...

Yeah. I didn't notice anything like that. A little lag when you're not driving (which I can understand) but no other changes

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