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Getting caught up with some images. Here are a million of my Sultan.






Dat crescent moon... :fap:







I can't remember if this was crew night or from the weekend :weed:



I swear the titties are bigger on next-gen! 




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so is bOnEs B)...






both are entries into the magnificent team's vday character contest... so go here:



...and like the shit out of my entries... please post yours here too so i can check 'em out... pretty sure it's a friendly competition anyways, no prize, but i still like to compete for imaginary gratuity, just like rockstar's contests :lol:...

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They should start selling extra characer slots fot GTAO... Why not? if they kept it reasonable, id definitely pay for an extra slot or two, just to increase my diversity. Hey, Rockstar, you could MAKE MONEY on this! hopefully that got their attention B) .

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gonna have to look at that if you pop by crew night again?









































......fuck sakes

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some random snaps to get all caught up...


delilah's new toy...




joined a car meet... a number of us ended up with bad connection issues... i was one of them :(... here's a few snaps from the start of the meet... it was getting bigger and bigger every few minutes, but once i got dropped, it wouldn't let me back in... the host tried valiantly to make it work but it was not meant to be...






dem wheels bruh...



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