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dude, we haven't played with you in awhile... it'd be nice to see ya again!


some snaps from christmas eve with wendy... i might comb thru those clips some more since there's a lot more i could look at around me that's covered in snow... i might get a few really nice snowy landscape shots...




got her! :lol:...










fucking t-shirt glitch... her shirt was like that in every clip, so i had to just accept it for the video... at least it wasn't something super off-colored, that would of made the entire video completely worthless...



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Messing around on ghosman's yacht the other day.


A flying abominable beer-man appears!




I kill you manages to land a dodo on the back of the yacht!




Later I clumsily destroy it



Hopped back to single player to find Michael and Amanda had some more kidss





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took a few snaps hanging out with wendy on friday...






used a firework, was totally worth it :lol:...






dup, we played couple of your new jobs... this one would be funner with caddy's IMO...




and i like the concept of this one, but there's just  not enough room for the turns :(... cool set up tho!




madrazo's escort being escorted...







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PALS one year anniversary party... here's my snaps from that event...


hairyhole :lol:...




i don't even know where to start with for names... um chaoszake, sariska, repdek, monkdogg, vahu, missnikolette, oath, and some others in the later pics... basically most of the PALS crew was online today minus a few regulars... i'm sure you can spot me in most of the shots :lol:...






me and niki...














just needed a place to unload them, thanks for looking :P...

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drifting the other day with Casey, North and Fanboy










We did those in a race with no traffic. It was nice to have the open road. We had to do the track in reverse however to re-spawn and have a run up on the corner we wanted to drift. If we went forward we would hit the next checkpoint. I'm going to make some races with minimal checkpoints to have drifting snaps in mind. Other than that it worked pretty good.

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why do i always take the cool snaps in any snap contest, but no one else ever comments?!? it's almost like i WOW them and they have nothing to say because i broke the mold... welp, TMGT is running a black and white snap contest, and every entry thus far looks like a normal snap except it's in BnW... leave it to me to capture the beauty of the map in BnW and get no response... if you're going black and white, you have to be symmetrical, you have to create art... and there's only been a couple entries that could rival the top ones so far in that category... it's as if people didn't understand what the concept of BnW was...so here it is, here's my contest entry, with 50 likes and zero comments lmao :lol:....


i call it "sunlight-house..." http://rsg.ms/0281bcf




is it really that ugly?? :P... there's snaps with half the likes and at least 6 comments :(... am i doing something wrong??


i mean, who's dick should i be sucking to even remotely get on the radar...you guys have no idea how cutthroat it is on social media :lol:.. average snaps get the attention because they're well known for dick sucking... you'd be proud of me because i fell off the radar because i saw how fake i had to be to get noticed by rockstar... i wont drop to that level just to get a RT... nope, rockstar has to get on my level first B)... i am not just another name on their checklist, iGTA means more than lip service :)...


and if people outside of iGTA actually see this, then take note of where i stand B)... i am me, not what i am told to be....

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