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iGTA MP Event (Sept 15 - PS3)

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i guess no one wants to play with cops?? we've done enough free roam sheananigans, i was hoping we could try mission planning... like, go into a business, rob it, and plan to have getaway drivers or helicopters to extract everyone to a certain location...

it would only work for those with headsets... people without will probably bring the cops at the wrong time...

just a though, what's voted is what we choose though...

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I got a brand new TB P11 headset specifically for GTA Online today... Was sick of my little bluetooth earpiece, which my kitten stole and hid behind my sofa. Its sound quality was poor, and it was pretty uncomfortable. Anyway, i'll use my new headset tomorrow night as a test run!

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Mondays are normally great for me. And a great way to start the week after a horrible shift at work. But this Monday falls on GTA V's midnight launch. So i will be in queue as we would normally be playing. Obviously there's a good 4-6 hours longer wait for you guys across the pond (USA), so you could probably still play GTA IV and then go queue. And the Aus + NZ members would already be playing GTA V anyway...

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