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iGTA MP Event (Sept 8 - PS3)


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Tonight may be a bust. I'd offer to be alternate host, but it looks like I'm going to be about an hour late joining, give or take.

Are people free tomorrow evening?

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I'm having to go out of town today, I should be back in time to start. Damn haha I guess Sunday fell apart for everyone. Maybe we could try a Tuesday. I know I'll never be able to make it to a Monday game.

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maaan, sunday is just too busy of a day to dedicate to gaming it seems... for me, it's my only day off from work so it's a day i like to get shit done or hang out with friends... weeknight evenings work best for me... but we'll see for tonight, i might be having friends over to watch football so i might be busy tonight...

we'll still have this take place, but if i am not there it doesn't mean the rest of you who are can't play... i'll post in here shortly before to do a quick head count for those that still want to play... it shouldn't be hard to organize without me :P...

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