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Yeah he is, we call that water skiing.

-God where the hell all their inteligence goes tell me...

-Surely not on this forum son.

-Thank you god.

Whatever... Epsilon is waiting for you and mostly for your money lol

consider this a verbal warning... no flaming... i'm getting real tired of your shit...

You tell 'em, Kirk.

What no I'm being serious it kinda does look like the car I'm aware of the ongoing argument/ feud between you two but believe me I'm not trying to get involved in any way at all. I was just trying to change the subject And point out something I saw is all

He was talking to the Frenchie, not you. That's why he quoted him.

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Indeed to the frenchie (me) lol whatever i have maybe a strong way to express myself but i am like that, and i can't change it.

That was so obvious what you wanted me to say ? A man on the water could only be skiing that's all sorry if some people are shocked by the way i explain things.

Do they have good sides ? Joke...

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