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A new game developing studio has popped into existence, planning their first project to make a DRM-free Simcity clone.

They are trying to raise $250,000 on kickstarted and have already raised a little over $50,000

Civitas will be a revolutionary, open ended, community driven, highly moddable city building game, where you are not only responsible for terraforming the land, zoning, and building the structures, but you will also be able to manage many other aspects of your civilization. Civitas can either be played as a single player game, or you can play online with other city builders to make entire regions, share resources, and compete for citizens to build the largest city. We will not limit you to one or the other, both will be full featured and complete. Feel free to play it whenever, wherever, and however you want. Civitas will be available for Mac and PC through various digital download services. The word "Civitas" is the Latin term for "citizenship" or "city-state", which is a great description in itself for what you will be able to build from the ground up in this game.

The very basic flow of the game will follow this design:

  • Terraform the land
  • Zone the land for your city
  • Build the structures that make up your city
  • Manage all aspects of the city for everything from transportation, utilities, emergency management, natural resources, and commerce.
  • Continue to grow your city. Meet the demands of the civilization you have created and respond to natural and unnatural disasters to make your city as great as you want it to be. Civitas will include a fully featured day-night system for added realism.





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I liked simcity back when it didnt suck, was gonna buy i for the ipad, but the reviews sucked, so im for it.

Just wish it was for the ipad... I can play a game like this from the couch

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On the subject of simcity and clone type games has anyone seen the guy who beat simcity 3000 ├╝ber city? Notice the average life span in the 6 million residents city

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