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Hey, everyone.

I have a question to ask you talented lot.

I've seen dozens of examples of fake Grand Theft Auto-style box art. So, I'd like to know how to create some of my own. Which program to use, which tools in said program, etc.

Any help anyone is able to give is appreciated.

Thanks-a-plenty, and such.

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Photoshop? Gimp? Some other well-known program? It's not really that hard. Black lines over the different artworks. Could do it in MS Paint if you wanted (with horrible quality).

For the GTA paint effect you could find tutorials of how to do it in photoshop online. I even made an easy guide here on the old forums:


Thanks to you and DuP for the help. DuP, that was exactly what I was looking for. Fitty, that was exactly what I wanted to know.

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