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The other day while waiting for a pizza, we found an amazing little kitty living a relatively comfortable life in a filthy thicket behind the joint.


He lived in utter shit...



But he ate well...




And he was certainly content...






I almost sweet-talked him into pet's reach, but he was cautious enough to stay just out of range. Very happy to absorb the attention from a safe distance, though.








Man, it was hard to walk away from that face. I hope he's there when I go back next.

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Me too, I hated leaving him there. He was pulling, sucking and nibbling on my fingertips too, but he still wouldn't allow himself to be stroked or patted. I got quite a bit of film, will try to upload the rest today.

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He seemed partially cared-for, at least, probably by a tenant of the apartments on the other side of the trees. There were tiny piles of kibble strewn about, plus a couple of makeshift shelters in his little sanctuary: muddy tarps suspended over rotten wood crates and upturned wastebaskets/tubs. He seems happy in spite of the squalor, but that's a sad way to live.

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My current guys are indoor-only house cats, and sometimes I feel guilty for not allowing them to run free and hunt - but that's largely because I never, ever want to have to repeat the experience of identifying a beloved cat after it was hit by a car and had to be put down. Once was too much. 


Cars and predators and disease are a risk...there are lots of feral colonies in my province, several not-for-profit organizations look after feeding them, and run trap/spay-neuter/return programs to help control populations. They will place younger kittens in homes if they're deemed suitable. But it looks like this guy has found an ideal spot for now. He'd be lucky to get adopted by a nice home, though. 

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I shudder to imagine that. :( I've been lucky enough to watch my cats survive traffic (with a bit of blood and thumps occasionally) over the years. Now, I just let my cats onto the porch for sun when they're in the mood.

I'd have loved to adopt him into my nice home, but disease is a risk, like you said. Who knows what he'd transfer to my kitties, other than immense jealousy. Plus taking him in would probably crush his current caretaker's heart, not to mention my other cats'.



What a guy, what a guy.

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