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We've had some lively times in there. I might not have spent so much time here if it hadn't been for chat when I first joined. For me it's a great way to connect with the XBox/PC members that I can't play with online, or the guys I only see rarely or who might not have mics. It's a completely different vibe to chat in real time vs. in the forums.

I'd really like to see it functional again, without having to ask repeatedly for months. If Qd's willing to cover the cost, there's no reason not to make it happen.

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Who's Marney? How did he meet his death?

Marney is a pervert... Let's just say he stuck his dick in the wrong hole...

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You know what would be nice

If we had a place to go and chat to each other without spamming the forum - you know like ummm - a chat room.

Oh wait...

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