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Found 1 result

  1. Hello fellow humans, So recently I've been thinking - I'm a cocky smart ass, why haven't I built a PC yet? I bet I could do that shit, I joined a Service Desk supporting 4500 staff with no prior experience (aside from being a cocky smart ass who knows computers like the shaft of my cock and learns faster than you can say "say, do you know...") and now I'm one of the favourites on the team, I can do anything! And now here I am, typing away hoping you'll pay attention. It all started last year, I bought a case on a whim, cause I thought it was pretty. The Fractal Design R3, which I'll post pictures of below. It ended up getting a few cosmetic scratches while in storage when I didn't have enough money to build into it, but nothing I can't polish out with a little love. The build as of right now, is waiting for me to get paid on Thursday next week (April 5th), and to meet up with a friend to get my GPU on Friday. This started out as a "I'll build something cheap" build that has spiralled into something beautiful. Initially I was looking at a locked i5 and a GPU along the lines of a GTX 460. Yeah, that cheap. That'll also explain some of the components I'm working with, these will all be upgraded probably on or after the 5th, or the 6th of May. I'm in the process of moving into a new place too, so this is living alongside that. Side note - I'm at work right now and I finish in 10 minutes, all pictures will be updated with personal ones and thumbnails probably Monday! Case - Fractal Design R3 Black Pearl My colleague / friend offered me this for £40 when he moved to M-ATX. I took one look and got him the money out before even checking I could afford it. I love the style and the colour, and it's fucking enormous! It looks pretty warm inside there when it's closed up, but I'm not not a fucking moron. There's plenty of space for cooling and I've taken advantage. R3, empty inside R3, front R3, open front PSU - OCZ ZS-550W One of the cheap components I was talking about, this needs to be upgraded to at least 600 of a trusted brand, but for the sake of my future I'm looking at around 800/1000w. ZS-550W Motherboard - Asus P8Z68-V LX A good quality, budget LGA1155, Z68 motherboard. Great reviews, and Asus are trustworthy. LX Rear LX Processor Seat - Dem pins, mmm. Processor - Intel i5 2500K 3.3GHz Sandy Bridge - OEM The first person to ask "y didnt u get a i7, its wel much betta" has the pleasure of my fist in their cunt. Hyperthreading and 100 extra cycles? No thanks, I'm playing games, not processing video or folding! And the first person to ask "y dnt u w8 an get ivy burdge?" gets a reasonable explanation. I bought the 2500k before Intel announced April 29th for Ivy, and I want it now, not in a month. This way, I get to rip 4.8GHz out of it for gaming, and achieve 5GHz stable before selling it on to someone who will appreciate a cheap Sandy when Ivy comes along. This is the thing I've been most excited about since I decided on overclocking - the 2500K! Underside Topside Unboxing I ordered the OEM model, but Scan were out of stock so they sent me the retail version and I get to mount the stock cooler on my wall and giggle at how cute and small it is. Update - 06/04/12 So... My motherboard was a dud. When I bought it, I didn't open it all up and check it. Came to testing and the pins on the socket are fuuuucked. Only a couple of them, but bad enough not to POST. No way in fuck will OC'ers RMA it, they turn away pins and blame it on you. No biggie, sleep well sweet prince. Excuse to upgrade to a Z77.. But I need a mobo to test on! So I rushed out and bought a H67 board which came with an i3 2310 (I think), which I'll be selling for cheapsies... This means I can't OC for now but I don't have a cooler for the time being any way so that's fine, I'm using the cutesy Intel cooler at the moment. Onwards... Memory - Crucial Ballistix Sport, 8GB (2x4), 9-9-9-24, 1600mhz Ramory This is another aspect of the build that was bought for the low spec machine. I'll definitely be upgrading in the near future (when I sell stuff I'll put it up on here first to see if any one's interested)... It's great RAM and I like it so far, but I fancy lower timings and I don't wanna play about with it... that said, I'm gonna run it for a couple of months and see how it goes. GPU - Gainward GTX 580 Phantom, 1536MB (1.5gb) What else do I need to say? I get it on Wednesday, sitting on an AMD HD6850 in the machine at the moment, it was on offer so I had to... So fucking excited to get the 580. Such a nice looking card too.