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Found 4 results

  1. My man just rearranged the man cave in our house, and decided to connect the PS2 to an older TV in there. So, I have working access to my PS2 game collection, including the titles in the poll above, for the first time in years. I'm having a hard time choosing which game to replay first. Who better to poll than the crazy collection of characters in our forums? Tell me your pick for which GTA game should I replay first. (when I'm not playing ACIII or Fallout 3, and eventually, GTAV!) Edit: I've been sucked into Skyrim in the meantime.
  2. This question has probably been asked hundreds of times but fuck it.. I'm asking it. 1. Which is your favorite and Why? 2. Tommy Vercetti or Carl Johnson? 3. Better Story? 4. 80s Vice City or 90s San Andreas? 5. IF Tommy and Carl had a fight, Who'd win? Opt. Anything Else you'd like to add?
  3. iGTA Article Basically some people have recreated GTA cities in The Sims 3. The Vice City one is released as a beta and the two Liberty City ones are still being constructed. Vice City: More pics and download ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Liberty City (GTA III): The Sims 3 forum topic Liberty City (GTA IV): The Sims 3 forum topic
  4. Small bit of news. GTA III is now at the offical app store with VC and SA coming soon.