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Found 1 result

  1. Hi - I just finished "Legal Trouble" and an online guide tells me I'm super close to finishing the game. However the following major problems take place: (1) I fly away at the end of the mission to evade cops / remove wanted rating (2) Expectedly, over the ocean I get a "mission passed" box (3) Now I am no longer wanted to so I attempt to land back at the airport - during which I get a call from Tracey for a side mission, which I accept (4) After landing the airplane on the runway, my 3-star wanted rating is back! (5) I get shot down immediately, and always respawn at the airport, always with a 3-star wanted rating! (6) So I quit the mission - it's a side mission anyway and I just really want to finish the game at this point (7) Done - no missions ever trigger from then on (8) If I switch characters, they don't accept missions either (8a) Franklin drives all around he big green circle, no prompt for weed stash comes up. Half an hour of driving around yields nothing (8b) Trevor reaches a strangers and freaks mission - no cutscene, all controls lost except walk / run movement. Reboot game and Trevor completes a rampage mission. Switch back to Michael. Nothing (8c) Switch back to Michael anyway. Play the last strangers and freaks - the running race one - complete "mission passed". Nothing else triggers The following things have been tried and don't work: (1) The go to sleep / save in new slot / reload maneuever (2) Same as (1) with phone based quick save (3) Play as each character for around 30 minutes each at least (4) Reboot PS3 million times