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Found 2 results

  1. So What Street Gangs & Other Criminal Organizations Have You Guys Noticed? These are the names of street gangs and other criminal organizations that are in the game. #African-American Gangs... * Families (Green) (Chamberlain Hills, Strawberry)(Most active on Forum Drive.) -Chamberlain Gangsta Families (CGF , The Hills, Killer Hills.) (Territory ALL of Chamberlain Hills) -Forum Drive Families (FDF)(Share Forum Drive in Chamberlain Hills) -Carson Avenue Families (CAF) (Owns part of Carson Ave, Ballas own other half.)(At war with CGF). -Ballas (Own all of Davis, most active on Grove St., Brouge Ave., and Covenant Ave.) #Hispanic Street Gangs and Cartels -Los Santos Vagos (LSV)(Yellow)(ALL of Rancho and Part of Cypress Flats in El Burro Heights.) (Most active on Jamestown St. Rancho and Innocence Blvd in Cypress Flats.) -Marabunta Grande (MBG) (Blue)(Own Apartments Melanoma St. In Vespucci Beach and Fudge Lane in El Burro Heights.) (Most Active in El Burro Heights.) -Varrio Los Aztecas (VLA) (Teal) (at war with Marabunta Grande over drug and weapons trafficing) (Became kind of a Cartel I guess because they own no turf in LS which is kind of dumb.) -Madrazo Cartel #Asian Criminal Organizations - Chinese Triads #Bikergangs -The Lost MC #Italian-American Mafia
  2. I would love to see street gangs return, The Ballas, Grove Street Families, Los Santos Vagos, Varios Los Aztecas... Dynamic gang-fights throught LS would be awesome. I would really love to drive into the Grove Street Culdesac and see The Johnsons house, with GSF members hanging around... I really hope there is a gang system where you are able to take over territories like in SA, especially with RAGE physics. But if the protagonist is Caucasian as he sounds in the trailer, I doubt he will be a member of these gangs. Maybe a new gang will arise, who knows. How do you feel about Street gangs in Los Santos? In my opinion that's what makes the city what it is.