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Found 45 results

  1. I'm sure most of you have seen this already but the GTA 5 was in the Gamescom trailer and T2 and possibly Rockstar may be there at gamescom 2012! GTA 5 shown at 1:49 Now we wait and see if the release date, trailer or other info will be released!
  2. Ok, so I am building a whole new computer. These are the items I am using for the build: ASUS M5A78L-M USB3 Motherboard AMD FX-4100 Quad Core Processor (AM3 Socket with 12MB Total Cache) 8GB DDR3 RAM Solid State SATA Hard Drive ATI Radeon HD 4300/4500 Series Graphics Card (512MB PCI-E) I'm wondering if this system will be able to run GTA 4 fine? I'm assuming it will, but I'm a little unsure about the graphics card, I could go and get a different one, but is it worth it? Will this build be fine for gaming? Thanks
  3. The Grand Theft Auto series is getting recognition from the Victoria and Albert Museum with their exhibition: "British Design 1948–2012: Innovation in the Modern Age". The exhibit is a celebration of UK contributions to the world of art and design in the post-war era and spans from the time period of the 1948 ‘Austerity Games' to this summer's Olympic Games in London. It also features a commemorative video chronicling the history of the Grand Theft Auto series and more while representing each Grand Theft Auto title in the franchise and showcasing the innovation of living metropolises and open world gameplay. The exhibit is running now through August 12th. See here for details and schedules. So anyone plan on making a trip? Get us some nice pics.
  4. Just noticed this earlier today, thought you may be interested!
  5. what clues did we see that lead up to the conclusion to the new gta 5? i remember the one sign in the porn shop, (ready for the explosion) will this be the exposion??
  6. hello, im steve and im saying this because the game eight days was canclled so maby rockstar took it over if u look at the trailer and all that it looks like the new gta its pretty sweet
  7. Anyone know if this is still happening? I remember it getting mentioned a few years ago supposedly for the PSP, but I haven't really heard anything since, I did however read a few weeks ago that it was being made for the PS Vita, could have just been a rumour though.
  8. I hope they have really upgraded the SWAT teams, did anyone see the swat teams in Saints row 3? Obviously it didn't play as well in Saints Row 3 but in GTA it would work beautifully. The SWAT teams have to be much more advanced, the ones on GTA IV were pretty much laughable sadly... You will of course know what I'm talking about if you have played SWAT 4 for PC, that's the way a SWAT team should be, breaching doors, tear gas, tasers, basically SMART. Also the GTA police have to learn how to negotiate better! LMAO Seriously you bump into a cop, then refuse to be arrested (at gun point lets not forget) so you get shot at? Rockstar put together L.A. Noire, so they should fully know what they're doing with the response units in GTA V, here's hoping they won't let us down again.
  9. I wonder if gta 5 will have so amazing graphics like these. At least I hope so....
  10. Hi guys (and girls) this is my first post, (actually my first post in ANY forum), so I was thinking, Endorphin or (Euphoria) physics in GTA IV, I mean wow, that was a huge step in gaming physics in my opinion especially in an open world game like GTA, How did you feel about these Physics and would you like to see them back in GTA V, and what would you like to be changed/improved (if anything) ?
  11. I saw a video on youtube about this, apparently GTA V could be set around 2008 due to the connection to the number plates? What you think? Here's the video:
  12. As the title says. Will there be gangs in Grand Theft Auto 5 like there were in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas? Thanks
  13. In GTA V, what do you think will be more interesting in terms of things to do? -Country side, mountains etc. -Downtown, City etc. Just trying to get some opinions Thanks.
  14. Could this be it? Notice the for sale sign and the address under it. "For Sale" "2405". Could 2405 mean May 24th? And the song in the trailer, Ogden's Nut Gone Flake by The Small Faces, was released on May 24th, 1968. Coincidence? I hope not.
  15. The character of luis lopez will definitely not be in the next GTA V, it's been confirmed by the actor, meaning no cameo. Not much news but at least we know we can count him out.
  16. Trailer Protagonist - Voice Actor Now that we've seen the video, if we go on past Grand Theft Auto first trailers we've got the voice of our main character. We've got no idea who he is and the trailer doesn't make it 100% clear who in the video is the one talking. Speculation says it's either the elder man looking over the city (and possibly leading the Rodeo Drive robbery) or the black guy seen a few times throughout the trailer. Based on the storyline we can assume it is probably the elder man (talks of family and retiring). It seems pretty much confirmed that it's Ned Lukes now. Not a hugely famous actor but an episode of Law and Order SVU and a couple of other bits. The character looks like him down to the mole on his left cheek and it sounds like him aswell. One of his actor buddies posting on twitter about him being in the latest GTA. And Ned Lukes cousin: He has deleted his twitter account now to stop the news getting out, but it's a bit too late. (Compiling of all the latest info thanks to Psy.) Rockstar on Celebrity Voice Actors - - IGN - http://au.xbox360.ig.../1211385p1.html - Rockstar Games - http://www.rockstarg...n-and-chin.htmlAnyone have any ideas on who this is? What do you think? Who could it be? Post suggestions and discussions below.
  17. So as crime is the one of the dominant themes in all GTA games, what types of crimes are you looking for? Here is a short list of what I would love to see: - Ability to rob pedestrians if they are in a secluded area, pick pocket, Break and Enter almost ANY house (With different difficulty levels), Rob any store, not only clothes shops and internet cafes, and jacking individual parts from cars. - Drug dealing, simiar to CTW, but maybe slightly harder as it was easy to become a millionaire in CTW. Also, I would like the AI to have drug deals, and the protagonist to have the ability to ambush these deals and take everything. - Ability to ambush someone in a dark alley, and "dispose" of their body, such as dumping in the sea, in a manhole, garbage can etc... And visible bodily damage similar but improved from RDR. I would also like to see dynamic AI commiting crimes as well, it would make the game much more realistic. - A Gang system similar to San Andreas but improved. Such as taking over a territory, and in each area there is a "clubhouse" similar to TLAD where all your gangmembers chill. - Bribing cops to let you off with crimes. There must be more, but this is all I can think of for now. What do you think? Anything to add, or anything you think isn't good?
  18. I was bored today so decided to dedicate some of my time to remixing the new GTA V trailer with a more epic soundtrack! Here's the result: Watch in HD for full glory :-P
  19. I think it could be false but you never know. What do you think? If you think it is true do you like the sound of it?
  20. Well I think we are looking at a similar debut trailer to GTA IV. It shows the city and possibly shows off the new graphics and may have the main character speak or may even show the main character. I also think if there are things like planes in the game these will be shown. Well, What do you think.