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Found 68 results

  1. I have a PS3 but haven't bothered getting a Move controller, been waiting for a game that would be worth getting it for. Perhaps those of you who do have a motion controller (Move, Xbox Kinect or Wii Motionplus) could weigh in on whether you like it, and how it might be used for GTA V? Tell me what you think.
  2. I was wondering how many city's are the going to be I know LA is going to be the biggest map ever but its going to get boring just flying and driving about LA How many city's you think there's going to be?
  3. Hello everyone. I have some GTA V - wallpapers: DELETE THIS THREAD
  4. According to IGN, which can usually be a reliable source, GTA V will be released in 2012. To find GTA V in the list of releases in 2012, check under the heading of TBA 2012. http://games.ign.com/articles/119/1192614p1.html
  5. Maybe the old guy in a trailer is a boss you work for, like he is telling you his life story, standing, looking off a balcony, while you're sitting down listening, kind of like in the movies
  6. We're approaching Christmas, only 3 days away now. Think we'll be getting anything from them for Christmas or New Year? I'm thinking at most a very teasing gift, something such as a very slight hint to the game or maybe Rockstar will put those domains to use which they purchased? Anyway I'm really looking forward to January, I just think we'll hear more once we enter 2012. And yes, news is VERY slow these days. >.<
  7. Its probably not going to happen for money reasons, but here is my case of why i think it should. 1 XBOX will hold the game back. The PS3 can go alot further than XBOX in terms of how much more can be put in the game because the PS3 is more advanced (I guess releasing the console later payed off in the long run). http://www.ign.com/articles/2010/08/26/xbox-360-vs-playstation-3-the-hardware-throwdown *my proof from ign* 2 PS3 is the present and the future of this generation of consoles. Many people are ditching the XBOX for a PS3. (at least who I have talked to) and the ps3 is predicted to pass the 360 in sales sometime in the next year. Do you agree? Disagree? Any other reasons you can add to my list? Also, 360 fanboys, please don't get all pissy about this, it's just my opinion and it probably won't happen anyway.
  8. I don't know if anyone has discussed this but I'll go ahead and mention it anyway just in case. Has anyone connected the black guy running from the cops and the hispanic looking guy in the red car? They both look like they're wearing exactly the same clothes lol that's why some people were getting the 2 confused, but is this maybe some sort of gang connection? I don't know just thought I'd bring it up since news has been slow lately.
  9. I found this bum sign online that looks like the one from the GTA V trailer. Did Rockstar get the sign from the internet?
  10. So guys what you think? When will we get the next GTA V trailer? We got the first one on 1st november if I remember correctly. I think it'll be around January, probably last around 2 to 3 minutes
  11. One thing that many have not really thought about is the cheats. The cheats in GTA IV were a huge fail I think its fair to say, whereas one of the reasons people can remember San Andreas so well is because of all the cheats that were possible. So whats your opinion, do you think that they will bring them fun cheats back for better replay value? and second out of all the cheats which one would you like to see return the most, mine being yep you guessed it Pedestrians Riot lol
  12. So as crime is the one of the dominant themes in all GTA games, what types of crimes are you looking for? Here is a short list of what I would love to see: - Ability to rob pedestrians if they are in a secluded area, pick pocket, Break and Enter almost ANY house (With different difficulty levels), Rob any store, not only clothes shops and internet cafes, and jacking individual parts from cars. - Drug dealing, simiar to CTW, but maybe slightly harder as it was easy to become a millionaire in CTW. Also, I would like the AI to have drug deals, and the protagonist to have the ability to ambush these deals and take everything. - Ability to ambush someone in a dark alley, and "dispose" of their body, such as dumping in the sea, in a manhole, garbage can etc... And visible bodily damage similar but improved from RDR. I would also like to see dynamic AI commiting crimes as well, it would make the game much more realistic. - A Gang system similar to San Andreas but improved. Such as taking over a territory, and in each area there is a "clubhouse" similar to TLAD where all your gangmembers chill. - Bribing cops to let you off with crimes. There must be more, but this is all I can think of for now. What do you think? Anything to add, or anything you think isn't good?
  13. I forgot to mention this but I heard this around 4 or 5 days ago or something but apparently such stores as Gamestop are gonna be putting up GTA V posters around late January... This would certainly back up the rumours of GTA V being released between May and September. That came from a few different people who worked at different Gamestops.
  14. http://www.gameranx.com/img/11-Oct/gtav-leak-1.png I think it could be false but you never know. What do you think? If you think it is true do you like the sound of it?
  15. Well I think we are looking at a similar debut trailer to GTA IV. It shows the city and possibly shows off the new graphics and may have the main character speak or may even show the main character. I also think if there are things like planes in the game these will be shown. Well, What do you think.
  16. I know that it's possible some people that work for rockstar visit these forums ; And maybe you have a freind that does ; Well, if so then let us all in on the secret. I'm sure were all excited for the next GTA game and personally i think it will be announced sometime between now and June of this year. When do you think the next GTA will be released and have you heard any rumors?
  17. Posted on the main page. Submitted to us by Gagester72. ^warning: large pic Discuss.
  18. ok uploading them just now. The third and fourth pictures are one full page, and the fifth and sixth are one full page also.
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