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  1. any good gaming TVs in the 32in+ range for in and about $400? Skyrim blew up my TV a few weeks back.

    1. ViceMan


      Same, got a new one on the way. My old telly was about 11-12 years old so it had a good run, but it seems like fate is throwing obstacles in my path to stop me playing RDRII when it comes out; first my PS4 knackered so I got a new one, then my TV starts playing up a few weeks later. The game will be delayed now.

    2. Jizzy


      Did you go with 4k, Vice?

    3. gtagrl


      Ace, there are smart TVs in that price range at my local grocery store, assorted sizes. The smaller ones seem to be relatively better brands, like not top end, but decent. So maybe wander into a Loblaws? 


      Vicey, I see that as your electronics shedding their old shell in order to maximize your rdr2 experience!  

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