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  1. I'm guessing no one plays this. But if anyone does and are on PSN let me know. Got it for the first time a few months back and it's still got me hooked. At least untill FIFA13 comes out.
  2. Think how much bigger GTASA was to VC. . . . . . That'll hopefully be what V is to IV.
  3. You'll probably find that most of the members on this forum are generally from English speaking nations, or are dutch. If we all learnt to type in Chinese and got the boss to change the site into a chinese language then you'd probably get your wish QD. xx
  4. @firm: who was that who scored? Liverpool need a striker lol. @cuda: Was working but watched most of it, if it wasn't for Hart Real would of won by half-time. Fair play to Man City though they gave it some, but i bet Mancini was livid after the game, going up twice and end up losing, they could of won the game.
  5. Crazee

    360 vs PS3

    If the Xbox had the same exact controller has the PS does had probably have no issue playing it, apart from having to pay for the online network. I've had a Playstation ever since i traded my sega mega drive 2 in for one. I was half tempted to get an Xbox when i got the yellow light of death on my old original PS3 but realized that would of been a dumbfuck thing to do.
  6. San Andreas on steroids is what i want GTAV to be, and include skateboards.
  7. Crazee

    Sleeping Dogs

    For any hardcore gaming there's no point getting this game, it's just way to easy and the story feels like it's been written by 12 year old's. Don't get me wrong if you've got money to spend and are bored then go and buy it cos it will entertain you for a few hours. But you guys/gals seem to like games that go on forever i.e. Skyrim/Fallout, so don't bother. xx
  8. Just started playing this again after a few months, didn't get far the first time so I've just carried on from where i left off. Only Level 15 at the moment. Anyone else noticed that if you have a soul trap enchantment on a weapon and use it while riding that the time on the enchantment doesn't have an effect, i don't know if it's infinite or not but i haven't failed to get a soul yet and my soul trap should only be for 4 seconds and it blatantly goes over that before i kill some creatures.
  9. Damn PSN maintenace work!! Hi. Any new news since july or are we still waiting?

  10. Got it. Played for about 1 hour. I'm a cat whose just got to whiterun, i liked riverwood though, didn't really want to leave.
  11. Haven't got this game, is it still worth getting or should i just wait for the next one?
  12. How many more remakes are they going to make! The only reason to watch it is for Emma Stone
  13. Nah! from an entertaining view point IV was boring compared to SA. San Andreas was huge, not just in the vastness of its map but the endless ways to play the game. IV was much more Linear, and you had the main storyline and not much more apart from the online play. It just depends on what you compare IV to, because if you compare it to anything that came out at the same time it just blew it away bar maybe the last MGS on the graphics side. Meh!
  14. Meh!!!!!!! Call of duty is way more popular at the moment compared with GTA. Kids want a new game as soon as they've finished the last one, COD brings one out every year, keeps the hype up and the popularity rises which equals more sales. Going off topic buts thats probably why Rockstar won't be releasing GTA5 anywhere within 6 months of Black Ops 2 coming out. GTA's not top dog at the moment. But to answer the question yes GTA5 will beat COD in sales for one simple fact, GTA is king of all games, nuf said.
  15. Yeah true, but we did better than everyone thought we'd do before the euros. But yeah, quarters seem to be our brick wall. Either someone gets injured, sent off, let some defender take a penalty or the refs just a blind cunt.
  16. How weird!!! I was fucking right! That don't usually happen. Should of put a bet on.
  17. Crazee


    But surely people will just put their own shit in a bag and chuck it in and just leave the dog shit where it is. Weighs more so more wifi. Simples.
  18. It's looking like a 5 horse race according to the bookies between AVB, Martinez, Rodgers, Rijkaard and Capello. Maybe even O'Neil. Benitez's odds are dropping quick and i really don't see FSG wanting him, he destroyed Liverpools youth setup for one and FSG have been trying to fix that since they've come. Funny how there's not 1 English manager in the running ay.
  19. Man United are a big club. Liverpool just have alot of memories, and a reputation to uphold. Plus Young cost United £15m whereas Liverpool payed out £20m for Downing. Now find me anyone who actually thinks Downing is worth £5m more than Young, he ain't worth 5p at the moment. Liverpool aren't a big club anymore, thats why they have to spend so much to get half decent English players.
  20. @thefirm. Weston-super-mare lol. Lowly Conference South team. But atleast i can make it to all the home games and some of the not to distance away games. @Indy. Good point about the free agent bit. But i really can't see the Liverpool fans wanting him back. You shouldn't ever rehire a past manager, kenny's a prime example.
  21. @indy: are you a Villa fan? Just that all the Villa fans i've asked say they didn't want him at Villa. My Starting Lineup Hart G.Johnson__________Cahill__________Lescott____________Cole Jones__________Parker Gerrard Oxlade-Chamberlain______________________________Young Rooney
  22. Really^. forgot about him. I forgot to vote so i'm picking Jose Mourinho just because the Premiership isn't the same without him.
  23. Sort of. I grew up supporting them for some reason but i mainly follow my local team now. Don't live anywhere near Liverpool and realized it was stupid supporting a team i couldn't go watch every weekend. They're like my second team now, i'm an armchair liverpool fan if you like.
  24. King Kenny's gone. Who's going to fill the vacancy at Liverpool?
  25. Kenny's Left Liverpool. Thank Fuck for that.

    1. Crazee


      I want blackpool up too. But west ham will win, damnit.

    2. Firm


      I'll never forgive West Ham for buying Marlon Harewood off us years ago. Still very bitter.

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