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  1. Quick question, one i'm ashamed not to no the answer to already but the situations never come up before now. Started playing NV again on the PS3, got one of the DLC's but want to get the others. They're £8 each on the PSN store which imo is ridiculous so had a look online for the ultimate edition and it's cheaper even with already paying for one of the DLC's.

    My question is, will the saved games on the original copy work on a ultimate edition copy?

  2. Yeah, back out of the text, drive in one direction for a few seconds, then check back on the text to see if you're any closer as the distance will change, if you are closer you know you're heading in the right direction and you can repeat this process until your hearts content, and when you start the mission you'll end up as near your destination as you want. Thats the simplest way anyway.

  3. I might be wrong but you get charged hospital bills when getting killed in TDM, that fucks me off as you will always die quiet abit no matter what. Personally if you're playing a game like that you shouldn't have to fork that amount of cash out every time. Only other thing thats annoying is the loading time to start the game, but it's understandable considering the amount of data.

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  4. "Do you have more money than sense? Then please send all of you hard earned trust fund to Rockstar Games, in exchange we'll give you the means to beat all those poor uncivilized people who are only elite at games more so than you because they have no jobs, no friends, and no life. You have money for a reason, because you deserve to be the best. Pay now"

    Genius move by Rockstar if true imo. Look at the mobile companies reeking in millions a week on their shitty ass Android and Facebook games, time for Rockstar to get in on the action like EA have done on their sports games, yeah it gives a slight advanced to the idiots out there willing to spend money to buy virtual cash/items, but you can't buy skill, and hey, Rockstar have earnt their bonuses and need to build a budget up for their next gen games, if stupid people want to waste their money, and they don't want to give it to me, then the next best option is to let Rockstar have it.

    Plus, you can just rob them if they're stupid enough not to bank it. . . I think.

  5. Hey, on the same note, couldn't get onto the forum a moment ago until I clicked off the "Block reported attack sites" button in the security settings.

    Just came up with this:


    Edit: Don't really want to leave that security button off, but will do for now.

    Also, I've been having that same problem with this place re-directing me to another site, only on me phone though, and not all the time.

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  6. Right, i've now started this game 5 times, and four of those times i've played solidly for a week or so, then get bored and gone off to another game, when I get the urge to visit Skyrim again I have the need to start from scratch every time, and do it a different way than before, what reason I don't know, but I'ma never complete this game at this rate, I do the same on Fallout as well to an extent as well, but at least i've completed that twice.

    Anyway I've started again on Skyrim as a Nord who wants to join the rebellion, fuckers still send me off to kill the wraith, figured they'd of let me off on a count i'm a local.