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  1. Bought the Bull Shark Cash Card for $9.99, 500,000 gtaO money. Didn't get a god damn dime. Pretty Pissed

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    2. gtagrl
    3. Brian


      Exactly. The money went to Rockstar's head, I've said it before, they're a company like every other one, money first. They know people will buy the micro transactions because usually people think it'll last, and it won't. Plus, the players issue too. Money brings corruption, obviously people are going to short their way to get as much as possible without working for it.

    4. DuPz0r


      I stated new content, not the suff already on the disc. But I agree, micro-transactions suck. If you think about DLC as a whole though, you still have to pay for new content. I guess the shatk card idea was a sort of way to help fund the free dlc packs we'll receive...

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