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  1. Is there a ping site that sends to @lastfm

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    2. Psy


      There we go. Can manually disable status updates for accounts. Shouldn't see anything more from him once this one disappears.

    3. ViceMan


      Good, fucking waste of space.

  2. How the hell do you Scrobble music played from @spacial audios SAM broadcaster to my @lastfm profile.

  3. #onair in the next hour on @1radio music from @rihanna Joss Stone & Pulp and your requests

    1. ViceMan


      I request less shitty music... and sex, we still didn't have sex.

  4. On air now on #1radio #NowPlaying A1 - Be the first to believe

  5. Join Me next hour for some good music and chat at #1radio

  6. got some good chat up tips form #Neighbours

  7. Watching Neighbours: Series 2011 - Monday 05 December via @youtube

  8. i'm looking for some testimonials about my show to place on my website email them to [email protected] #1radio

    1. ViceMan


      "Great to listen to while hacking up corpses. A really fun time."

  9. Been giving some long thinking about trying to set up a RSL station - I would like to try and fail than not try at all #dreamsofyourlife

  10. The Mavericks - Dance The Night Away playing on @smoothradio what a good song

  11. Here is my header for my website tell me what you think just need to add some CSS will do that at the end

  12. Sorry if you came to tune into my show this afternoon at 12midday on #1radio you can read all about it here

  13. On Air next on #1radio hope you can join me

  14. According to @klout, I'm influential about Radio

  15. Most of the imaging is sorted now time to watch #PanAm on catch up love it so going to buy the DVD when its out two words Kate Cameron

  16. Giving my show imaging a make over and it will sound cracking hope i can get it all done before my show tomorrow

    1. TreeFitty


      isn't your show on the radio? and if so, how the hell could anyone see your image anyway?

    2. GTAFan001


      Imaging ie Jingles

  17. I would love to have the job of the @brmb Shadow

    1. CaPn bOnEs

      CaPn bOnEs

      i'd rather have psy's job...

  18. line up on #1radio this afternoon #onair @colinjohn1radio then new show @diva1radio then me with Holidays are coming

  19. RE my #Neighbours tweet i'm going to write and post a few minutes script of how i would like Flick Scully to come back on to Ramsay Street

  20. a hour of xmas music tomoz from 3 on #1radio & at 4 is guess the year before me at 2 is a new presenter @nataliewestuk

    1. ViceMan


      How exciting. I can't wait.

  21. I earned the 'The 40s' achievement on @klout, check it out!

    1. CaPn bOnEs

      CaPn bOnEs

      i'm a trophy hunter myself...

  22. On air at 2pm on #1radio if you have a request make it here

    1. ViceMan


      I'd like to request sex, actually no I demand sex. Bend over.