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  1. I think it might unlock either when you complete the game 100% or when Online comes out. I've got a feeling there will be quite a few creepy easter eggs in the forest areas. After all, there is already

    Mmm, intresting.... Imma check it out, and pray I wont be eaten by coyotes again... #Ugly moment from RDR

  2. Note: I haven't found a topic about THIS yet


    We all know those stories from san andreas, bigfoot, UFO seen nearby area 69, serial killers, and more,

    And I was playing GTA V last night, and I decided to go to Mount Chiliad.

    I got on the cable car, enjoyed the sight, after I had reached the summit, I noticed a odd door, and a map/drawing, with weird symbols,

    (Dont own pic, got it from google :P, but its the same I saw yesterday)


    I tried blowing up the door (seen left of micheal) up with grenades, no succes... I went to the binoculairs, and jumped of the mountain with the sanchez.

    I went back and noticed this:


    (I do NOT own this picture!)

    Look closely and you'll spot "Come back when your story is complete" (Bottom)

    What do you think? What do the symbols represent? Let me know!

    (I haven't completed the story yet) what will happen when you come back (100% complete), maybe it will open??

    Let the discussion commence!!!

  3. hoping for classic boxart, like gta sa,as far as I known,correct me if I'm wrong,but,every 'classic' boxart

    contained a female character(iFruit Girl?) and a police heli,so it will problaly be in...

    BTW- what about a Map ,or a Poster in the game-pocket ,Or BOTH like most R* game, got *COUNTING*

    only 3 posters (SA,<PS2/PC AND PS3>IV(Complete EDD.<PS3> ),RDR<XBOX> ) and a< dual-map sided one RDR-GOTY EDD-PS3>)

    EDIT:fucked post up LOL

  4. How about buy stuff at 24/7 and you can save it for later and with an expiration date,so you can sell it to a hobo ... or buy 'holidays' , you will go on a cruise and sail a week round the state (its problaly on an island) and you can dance (like in TBoGT) and get the 'Surprise' or do other awesome activities ,like ShiFting weights , or discover easter eggs in the ship , and my favorite drink drink drink drink drink drink drink drink drink drink drink , puke, pass out, and wake up in power room... Just an suggestion BTW -.-

    OR HIJACK IT!! *BadEvilLaughs*

    and maybe even sea sickness and you need to buy medicines... :sick:

  5. I would like to see much more diversity than in previous games. I get tired of pulling up to a light and see 10 of the same cars, exactly the same but just different colors. How about variations of the same vehicle?

    For example, lets say there is a car modeled after the 64 Impala. There could be a 2 door post, 2 door hard top, 4 door post, 4 door hard top & a station wagon. Would also be nice if we seen different sets of stock rims, spoke hubcaps, flat hubcaps, chrome wheels, all different variations on the same vehicle so that you would rarely ever see 2 that are just alike.

    It would also be nice to see multiple years of the same vehicle too. 63 Impala/Caprice, 64, 67, 68, 74, 79, 85, 90, 96 etc. Just something to make the game more diverse. I doubt it would happen but if I made the game that is what I would do.

    Cars I would like to see

    1951 Bel Air

    1955 Bel Air

    1957 Bel Air

    1957 Corvette

    1957 Thunderbird

    1959 Impala

    1963 Impala

    1964 Impala

    1964 Riviera

    1967 Impala

    1967 Mustang

    1967 GTO

    1968 Corvette

    1968 Impala

    1969 Road Runner

    1969 Charger

    1969 Yenko Nova

    1969 Camaro

    1969 Chevelle

    1969 Cutlass

    1969 Mustang

    1970 Buick GSK

    1970 Chevelle

    1970 Challenger

    1970 Chrysler 300

    1970 Monte Carlo

    1970 Camaro

    1971 Riviera

    1972 Nissan Skyline

    1973 Mustang Mach 1

    1974 Impala

    1974 Torino

    1974 Charger

    1976 Datsun 710

    1977 Firebird

    1977 Monte Carlo

    1977 Mustang II Cobra

    1979 Impala 2 door

    1979 Mustang 5.0

    1983 Cutlass Hurst

    1984 Cutlass Hurst

    1984 Buick Regal

    1986 Monte Carlo SS T Tops

    1988 Mustang 5.0

    1987 Camaro

    1987 Grand National

    1988 Thunderbird

    1990 Caprice

    1995 Crown Victoria

    1996 Impala SS

    Lot's of muscle cars... :mystery::buttsecks:

  6. More posts about RDR then GTA ,

    I post this just to get back to the subject:

    In the past series I never had trouble with Cycling through weapons, neither with the wheel of RDR, (To be honest I never had trouble with SR Weapon wheel too.... But Sr is lame ,cause its ''2overthetop''

    oops, now i talk about the games too!!! :wall:

    U haven't read this right?

    I never said something about RDR or SR......


  7. I only post this to get back to the subject:

    I would be awsome climb a tree , with a sniper, kill a hiker

    Put him/her in the back of my car, drive 5 min. to the desert, drive 10 min. through the desert , and grab a shovel and dump the dumb hiker..... BTW: Don't let gta look like SR RDR CoD or any other :bullshit: like sims... :bird: ... cause it needs to remain the "gta style''

    Like if u agree.......

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