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  1. i think the basic stuff listed about about the picking up objects would be great. not like gta 4 where u pick up a bottle of whatever and u dont even carry it right, i think the charactor should recognize what it is and hold or use it appropratly. i think countering and dodging should come back, and lots of melee type weapons. i would love to see the phisics be more smooth and realistic, and give different attacks depending on the surroundings. i think learing new fighing techniques would be nice like in GTA SA, but not crazy kung fu crap like it was a Jet Li movie or somthing. but to an extent of trained fighing like niko and luis had in GTA 4.
  2. I think we should focus less on the Era, and more on the setting. Classic rap, hip hop, and rock should be added as well as the newer rap, hip hop and rock. im not being a hater or nothin, but NO justin beiber or pop music. yeeea it would be more realistic, but cmon, would you realy start a bad ass car chase, just to be listning to selena gomez in your car? nah i wont judge if some people would, but i know i wont. and R* wouldnt waste its time licensing music when very few people are gonna listen to it. New music like Lil wayne, Drake, Big Sean, and other newwe rap artists should be added because they are popular, and would would make alot of people happy. as for Rock, well classics and Metal should be broken up into different staions like in previous gta games, and classic rap like Dr. Dre, snoop dogg, and 2 pac should be added becuase the game is set in a California type/ like setting where those artists are still popular.
  3. i was thinking about more up class vehicles like the bugatti super sport, 2012 chrystler 300, 2012 chevy tahoe, the new 2013 mustang shelby, and some private jets, and more luxurious vehicles like some newer models of Rolls Royce, bentley, jag( jaguar), and Lamborghini. Porche and other sports car manufactures should be added as well. But i dont like having all cars be trash, and there are only a few nice cars to add to your collection. They should focus on the NICE spendy cars, more than the trash cars. The game still needs and i want it to have trashy or less nice cars in the game to balance it out, but even GTA 4 was lacking some of the nicer cars. Not every rich guy drives a turismo or a calvacade.
  4. having a large option of clothes would be awesome, maybe alot of diefferent stores would be nice, and having the option to customize things about the clothing like color, wich i thing Tony Hawk American Wasteland did pretty good with the color options. but you guys have to consider who the charactor is. if hes black ( not being racist) he isnt gonna be wearing khaki shorts obove his knees and a pink visor that sias Las Venturas on it. Its hard to ask for clothing depending on the " tastes' of the charactor your playing as. as for hair and facial hair, it would be nice to see those come back in a big way, and maybe we should think about accessoris like watches, hats, shoes, glasses, and maybe even colonges. I think normal clothes should be back, all of nikos clothes were long sleeved, and i thought that was dumb. but modern looks should be added for more realistic ness. and depending on missons or terain you should have different options to " ocomodate" them. Sorry for my spelling, but just think about these things!
  5. having DLC would be nice. We have no clue about this game but the setting realy. The DLC could be like gta 4 and how it was the map, but different Charactors and content. TBOGT and TLAD were both full games themselves, but maybe with GTA 5 we could see some add ons like being able to purchase homes that were already on the map, but were un enterable. and maybe having add ons that actually add on to the game itself instead of being a seperate game woul dbe nice also. Maybe the addition of new vehicles or weapons so the developers can just put them up for downlaod. Creating a game on this scale is hard enough, but dividing work into DLC would make things easyer and would take less time to reelase the game. But i dont want maps or any thing, just small things like cars clothes and maybe even safe houses could be a great idea for DLC in the future of the game, just to keep players happy after they beat the game. and maybe adding Charactor DLC would be ok, but that would mean that to make things as realistic as possible gameplay wise, you wouldnt be able to have any cash or ANYTHING from the main part of the game, just like in GTA 4 and its DLCs. So Charactors would be quite hard to make possible unless they did it the way GTA 4 was done and make different but interweaving story lines. but being able to play as Cj or Tommy Vercetti would be pretty sick tho i would have to admit, so if they do make charactor DLC they would HAVE to add them.
  6. Adding some sort of secret base or somthing like that would be pretty cool. It doesnt have to tie into the story line or anything, but it adds a darker feeling to the game just like SA. the so called "rat man" in GTA 4 was a B.S myth, and i think SA had the right balance of myths and conspiracys to add a feeling you cant find in any other game. look at VC for example. the game is fun as hell right? and so was SA. But you cant tell me that having Area 69, Big Foot, and the whole list of others didnt add a sort of feeling that was kind of addicting ( look at all the websites and You Tube videos and prove me wrong), and i garentee most people who own GTA SA havnt spend 5 mins looking for things themselves. Keep your mind open to possibilitys! i think if they do add a desert to GTA 5, ( which im VERY hoping they do) id be nice to have a Darker feeling to ir, wouldnt it? like GTA SA. Maybe seeing UFOs, and not the bliking lights eather. would be awesome, and maybe involving a misson with nukes would be cool. Like the protagonist would have to stop the antagonoist from stealing an ICBM from a Base or somthing who knows R* has done an exelent job at making outragous things into bad ass missons people never forget. like the Black project, and Green Goo, and i think some conspircay themed things in the desert would just comlpete this game.
  7. i too hope too see more interiors, but i would also like to see some simplicity to them as well. being able to buy differents snacks and things would be a hastle. i would love different variteys of clothes shops that you can buy almost anything in like clothes, colonge, sunglasses, and hats. i think resturaunts should be available with or without friends and they have to have multiple types of them too, just to make things more realistic. Bars..... well that is obviously a must-have. Nothing like finishing that one " impossible" mission uve been stuck on for days, and going out and getting so drunk you total your infernus. Good times.....
  8. I think having a varitey would be the best. maybe some mansions, i think the portables are a very nice addition, and just average houses. like in all of the GTAs, the different styles and or qulitys of the houses depended on where they were located. so maybe we can see some Country or Beverly Hills style super mansions, to shot up Ghetto houses and Hillbilly shacks. garages should be nice, and maybe give you the oppourtunity to customize your vehicles in certain homes. having the ability to customize your house would be ok to an extent, but having insane amounts of it ( i.e Sims) would make me throw my controller at my tv. Hopefully they make this the best GTA ever! just be patient and let em do their work, we can complain and nag at the crappy parts of the game after it comes out, not before.