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  1. I believe mine is about 400+ as well... I love the game so much, and it is by far my favorite game I have ever played. I was never really much for side characters, however. I get pissed about loosing a few hours worth of completion, who knows what 4 years worth would do lol. But, maybe seeing the new edition firsthand will spark me to make a redo..

  2. Id go and buy the whole lot..the game..the DLC's again.. but there is no character transfer system for consoles? Its practically the same game. I put more time into one character than id even want to look up, and I just don't know if I wanna restart. I'm sure there is a way to transfer completion data/character data/ world data over...  

  3. I know exactly how you feel. It seems very stale, and I end up playing SP because im broke Online. I dont have the time to grind, and the connection to team grind, so I always miss out on the bigger items. Im lucky to get a few DLC guns and the clothes. $2.8 mil isnt enough to do much... And who wants to buy shark cards??

  4. Not quite GTAO material here, but Id love to see some of the more new content come to sinlge player. Benny's garage, some of the new cars and guns, and the ability to save and switch outfits like online. It seems like it has been neglected since the IGG2 update... Frankly, the only reason I play SP (after beating it again on New Gen) is to mess around with the new stuff that comes out. For GTAO, military clothing and new guns would make me happy lol.

  5. Military night seems pretty cool... I should start making jobs for that one ^_^  I think it would be cool to do something out in the water, to mix up with all of the more land oriented nights. Other than that, my only other suggestion is to make our own iGTA movie? Plot it out a little, give everyone roles, etc.

  6. I bought the Kalahari a long time ago... im pretty sure that is my only DLC car. Im down to 3 mill, and I will end up putting more money towards guns and clothes than cars. Looked into buying a stilt house... any of them really worth it? I haven't touched the new update yet, but as long as the mask/helmet glitch is intact, I will be happy lol.

  7. Better beards would be nice! Hunting side missions would be cool, obviously more clothes ( like the suits and military gear, myself, more biker gear would be great as well). Also, would be pretty nice if they added more models for body armor in the game...they all seem too plain and boring. They also have to match... im sick of having all of the camos/ colors not being very compatible across the board.

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  8. All of this talk about Liberty City has got me thinking... How could they make a DLC for the Story, given its "endings"? its not really a spoiler anymore, but a DLC that is for all 3 characters would be hard, especailly if they want to make it post GTAV and allow progress/items/money to transfer.

  9. Kwarb I didn't hear you - I kept hearing people talking to others that I couldn't hear so sorry if I ignored anyone. It was fun.

    No problem at all! I normally don't have much to say anyway ^_^ 


    Overall, thought it was a great night. Was off to a pretty good start with the Enduro race and the DM. I heard someone say Kuz 2.0... Not sure ill ever reach that status :whistle: 

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  10. Thanks for the kickass time... I was having internet problems all night long, and I couldn't even keep a session of randoms. I ended up just playing BO3 with a couple of friends. Still, hopefully the rest of the night went well, wish I could have been able to stay longer. I did find a Mic for next time, too.

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  11. That is a pretty cool idea for the Biker DLC. They could do the same thing with street gangs, and allow social club crews to be set as an MC, or other type of gang. They could just add and improve on the system of VIP's and bodyguards. In that case, they can have players creating their own gangs and MC's through the social club, and increase crew on crew activity. Crews right now don't really do much...