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  1. Yeah, I mainly got the idea of off /b/ when I saw 2 or 3 there. I'm coming back home today so I'll post the new map.
  2. I have a question for Cynatist, If i replace parts in a laptop (Dell XPS 15) with much better quality parts, would it be good for gaming. One of ym friends who builds computers says it's a waste to rebuild a laptop and I should just get a desktop.
  3. Brian

    Call of Duty

    Yeah I like those ideas
  4. I found the billionth iGTA5 topic by a noob. Not worth a look.
  5. It's a forum, I'm trying my best. Stop complaining and if it makes no sense then just don't play if you aren't happy with it. I've seen it done on 4chan before thought maybe it would be fun on here
  6. This is kinda of in the wrong section? Should be in advertising
  7. Well guys state your moves!
  8. I guess it'll determine who wins a battle when someone attacks another for territory.
  9. It's up to everyone, post a move, or use dice. I say post the move.
  10. It's up to you QD, I was really expecting this to be more of a talk your move kind of Risk instead of dice, but your system seemed good so you be in charge of that.
  11. Alright, I'm making the max expansion at the moment 2 tiles.
  12. You can form Alliances, expand, and attack others. No combining nations. Just state which direction you want to expand. I'll go into Norway and Eastern Sweden. Also I want to form an alliance with Massacre and Cyantist.
  13. fuck it i'm posting the map now if anyone else joins they can be added in and if you aren't happy with the map too bad cause this is how it is LET ROUND 1 BEGIN
  14. I already put you into Rome
  15. You expand into new territories and either fight someone and try to take over their country or make an alliance and stuff
  16. No starting bonuses only because I don't fell like giving everyone one sorry guys and we'll start in ancient times since they're such small empires
  17. lol alright i gave you andorra, if you want we can start now with only 7 countries and if anyone joins in they can take a claim as a newly formed nation, or we can wait
  18. No guys, we get 3 of those counties! Not 3 actual countries. You start as a small empire and build your way up and we'll keep at next to each other for now, so you have it in Andorra unless you want me to change it. I need 3 more people as well.
  19. Alright 3 spots until the game starts I give them 3 territories in the general direction of where they started. Each area is a territory (they look similar to counties on the map) Everyone received 3.
  20. Alright, need five more people and the game can start so far we have Cydonia - Russia Gayland - Iceland Svierland - Sweden and Denmark The Warlord Empire - Germany Qanal - Yugoslavia Remember we are all starting with 3 territories only
  21. QD do you want to be located in Yugoslavia or somewhere else?
  22. I've seen it done on 4chan lol people just state their moves, basically do whatever you want just be fair when you play thought it would be something to pass the time