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  1. Sold my old Mustang and got my money back from when I purchased it (maintenance is a different story). Gonna miss the shit out of that car. But onto better things. Hope the kid takes good care of it.

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    2. Brian


      I had it for three years, and most people our age call each other kids, he's still in high school though that's all. 


      And my barely modded V6 Mustang was far from a douchebag car. 

    3. Darth Sexy

      Darth Sexy

      Swear you were recently showing off photos of your new Mustang? 

    4. Brian


      I bought a 2017 GT in August, before that I had a 2004 V6 which I got in late 2013. I didn't sell the 2004 until this week.

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